Always by your side

Our Centre is Monitoring 24/7


24/7 Personal Safety

Alerts are monitored and actioned 24/7. We are your responsible person on call.

Works on Apple & Android

Using the latest features of both systems to make it easy and quick to use.

Easy To Use and Roll out

Regardless of the size of your business the sign up process and the app are simple and functional.

Fast Push Notifications

Push notifications are the fastest way your alert can reach us. Email is slow and SMS can be delayed.

Minimise the safety risk of your employees and perform your duty of care!

Meeting Timer

Set the timer for your meeting, if the timer expires we begin the process of checking your welfare. Your live location is then visible to the monitoring centre.

Location Tuning

GPS is not always accurate, you may be in a high-rise or underground. When setting a timer we also allow for manual location entry, e.g. level 9 room 907.

Available on the App Store logo black and white from the WSG Lone Worker Safety App website
iPhone and Android smart phones with worksafeguardian safety app on screens safety alert and medical alert shields are on the iPhone screen and welfare timer shields on the Android smart phone screen
Welfare Check

This is a reoccurring timer that prompts you to check in and lets us know you are ok. Intervals can be set from minutes to hours. Great for lone workers.

Shake to Activate

If a timer is set, just hold the phone in your hand and if a situation occurs shake to alert us. The shake sensitivity can be adjusted by the user.

Get it on Google Play logo from the WSG Lone Worker Safety App website

There for your employees 24/7.

Feel Confident & Safe in Every Environment

In Home Consultants

Not every employer can complete a risk assessment on where workers perform their duties. Reduce risk with WorkSafeGuardian.

Real Estate

Trends overseas show agents by themselves have become targets at open inspections. Also at risk are property managers handing out evictions or doing inspections.


From adding a layer of response to high level officials or taking care of workers at a vehicle accident WorkSafeGuardian has flexible response procedures.

Health Care Professionals

Protect the people who make a living out of helping others. WorkSafeGuardian can assist.


Campuses cover a lot of area and often there are distances to car parks and transport. Increase student and faculty confidence with WorkSafeGuardian.


Foster a safer environment for students and staff with WorkSafeGuardian. Know they have a way of raising an alert.

Chauffeur / Taxi / Transport

Unfortunately this industry is still a target for violent acts and abuse. Use WorkSafeGuardian for assistance.


WorkSafeGuardian welfare check reduces the chance of no one knowing when you are injured.

Plus Much More

Any person that works by themselves can benefit from the service of WorkSafeGuardian.

Working Alone

Working Alone

Alone in the Office at Night

Alone in the Office at Night

Working alone in a Factory

Working alone in a Factory

Travelling to Work Alone

Travelling to Work Alone

Need to know more about WorkSafeGuardian?