Worksafe Guardian Free Trial Registration 

Thank you for your interest in a free trial of our WSG lone worker safety app, we know you won’t be disappointed. Due to the nature of the product, we just need a few details from you to make sure that we can start keeping you safe as soon as possible. Don’t forget to read the rest of the information on this page as there are some important differences between the trial mode of the WSG App and the full version. If you would like to speak to us please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email via the information on our contact page. 

Welcome to WSG and thank you for agreeing to trial WSG to increase the level of safety for you and your employees whilst carrying out daily duties.

At this point it is very important to understand that WSG’s monitored service is a priority response service and considering the seriousness of personal safety all users have a duty of care to utilise this service diligently. WSG utilises real people in a real monitoring centre 24/7 who are standing by if an alert is triggered by a user such as yourself. It is crucial that operators are not preoccupied responding to false alerts as a result of user errors and misuse of the service. We do understand however your need to test the level of response you receive so some alerts are permissible.

Trial period
The trial period is designed for you to incorporate WSG in your everyday working life. Once you have downloaded the app, accepted the T&Cs and entered your code that will be forwarded to you, go to settings and view my details. If your details have populated then this confirms that the monitoring centre has connected with your smartphone and you are ready to go.

Default settings
You should begin by tapping the “settings” icon and go to “Default Settings” to set a default time for welfare checks, set shake and occurrence. Go back to “Settings” and set “Shake Detection” remember not to set the shake too sensitive as a drop of the phone or even the vibration of an incoming call or message could activate a safety alert. We recommend you set the shake at 50% or higher. When you are in the “Shake Detection” screen you can test the sensitivity as this is a test mode environment.

Phone Settings
For the App to work at its optimum and create the best result the following phone settings should be adhered to;
Location services are on so when an alert is triggered the location transmitted is of the highest accuracy.
Sounds are on so you the user can hear when a timer needs to be actioned
Notifications for the WSG app should be enabled so on screen messages appear
Swipe down blind, it is an easy way to see how long you have on your timer without unlocking your phone, it may need to be enabled on your device

How to use the app?
Simply watch our “How to Use” videos by clicking here Go to “settings” icon and go to “How to use WorksafeGuardian”. This will allow you to download a PDF to your smartphone.

Safety/Medical Alert Testing
We understand that you will want to test the safety or medical alert function and we encourage you to do this however remember this is a live service with real operators who are tending to many customers alerts, some of which will be genuine. We ask that you don’t excessively test this as a novelty, rather treat this function with the seriousness that it deserves. Be ready to quote your voice code so the operator can verify you.

Again, thank you for choosing WSG, please feel free to provide any feedback so we can improve our service

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