Health care worker on an in-home visit with a patient safe and secure with her WSG personal safety lone worker app

Working Alone Safely

Step 1. Do you have lone or remote workers? Identifying the need for a solution. Step 2. Complete a lone and remote worker risk assessment. Step 3. Choose lone or remote worker safety products to trial. Step 4. Gather feedback for evaluation. Step 5. Get internal approvals and sign off. Step 6. Begin the roll out process for lone and remote workers. Step 7. Choose which reports you would like for lone or remote workers and how often you would to receive them.

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Lone Worker Check-In Service

Personal Safety for Lone Workers

WSG monitors lone worker safety alerts 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time your employees are working; rest assured the WSG safety app will be there.

iPhone & Android Lone Worker App

The WSG Lone Worker Safety Solution works with Android & iPhone smartphones. With WSG use the equipment you have & there are no extra device fees.

Lone Worker Monitoring for All

Regardless of the size of your business, the sign-up process is simple & WSG can take over complicated lone worker check-in procedures for you in no time.

Working Alone Safely With WSG

Push notifications are the fastest way your alert can reach our monitoring centre & in an emergency, you don’t want to rely on slow email or potentially delayed SMS.

Go the extra mile for your lone working staff and perform your duty of care.

Working Alone Meeting Timer

Set the timer for your meeting, if the timer expires and you don’t check in we begin the process of checking your welfare. Only then is your GPS location visible to the WSG monitoring centre.

Location Tuning for Remote Workers

GPS is not always accurate, you may be in a high-rise or underground. When setting a timer we also allow for manual location entry, e.g. level 9 room 907.

Available on the App Store logo black and white from the WSG Lone Worker Safety App about page tp show where to download the WSG lone worker Australia app

Lone Worker Welfare Check

This is a reoccurring timer that prompts you to check in and lets us know you are ok. Intervals can be set from minutes to hours. Great for lone workers.

Shake to Activate Alert for Worker Safety

If a timer is set, just hold the phone in your hand and if a situation occurs shake to alert us. The shake sensitivity can be adjusted by the user.



Get it on Google Play logo from the WSG Lone Worker Australia Safety App website

WSG Is The Lone Worker App for Every Environment

In Home Consultants

Employers can’t always complete a risk assessment everywhere workers will perform their duties, especially for lone workers or those who work alone and offsite. The WSG safety app can help you reduce the risk.

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents who work by themselves have become targets at open inspections, handing out evictions or carrying out routine inspections. The WSG safety app provides peace of mind for all types of lone workers.


Government officials at all levels can have customised response procedures based on their individual needs and requirements. WorksafeGuardian works with employers to make sure the procedures in place work for them.

Health Care Professionals

If you make a living helping others, then WSG wants to help make sure you and your employees are safe and protected. Many health care professionals work alone and WSG can be your lone worker “buddy system”.


If you work on a campus you know that they can cover a vast area, often there are significant distances to car parks and other transport. WorksafeGuardian is the perfect way to keep students and faculty safe.


If you are looking to foster a safer environment for students and staff, the WSG safety app could be the solution. The WSG app gives teachers working alone after school hours the ability to raise a safety alert if needed.

Chauffeur / Taxi / Transport

Transportation workers might be surrounded by people but they are still lone workers and transportation workers are often targets for violent acts and abuse. The WSG app can ensure a faster response if there is a safety risk.


If you are working alone with potentially dangerous equipment, or at heights, WorksafeGuardian’s welfare check can reduce the chance of no one knowing if you were injured.

Plus Much More

If you are a lone worker, remote worker, field worker, or work alone or offsite occasionally, the WorksafeGuardian safety app can provide peace of mind for you and your employees.

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