WorkSafe Guardian (WSG)

24/7 Monitoring System

Thousands Of clients

We monitor varying types of alarms and personal safety devices for a broad range of industries but particularly those which include lone workers.

Immediate Response

We are committed to providing our customers with a consistent high level personalised response service.


The WSG monitoring centre specialises in priority response monitoring for the security industry in Australia. Operating a 24/7 professional monitoring centre since 1996.

Emergency Services Approved

The monitoring centre is approved by all relevant emergency services around Australia. They are trained to provide a professional priority response service.

Grade A1

Our Purpose built monitoring centre services clients all around the country. The centre is accredited ASIAL ‘Grade A1’ the highest possible rating under the Australian Standards.

Custom Responses

Our responses to alerts are flexible as not every situation will require emergency services, some may require a supervisor or manager. We can customise the response to alerts for your company.

Aus And NZ Coverage

WSG’s monitoring centre is approved to monitor and respond to Lone Worker alerts in both Australia and New Zealand. Many WSG clients find this convenient.

Redundant Servers

Unlike many of WSG’s competitors WorkSafe Guardian owns its own servers which are hosted in 2 geographically opposed data centres linked via a high speed private network. If one server has an issue the second takes over without user interruption.

Security Licenced

Not only is WorkSafe Guardian Security licenced and a member of ASIAL all of it’s staff and monitoring centre employees are as well.

Voice Password

All WSG users set a voice code or voice password which is used to confirm a user is ok, they have authority to deactivate an alert or authorise high level escalations but most of all make changes to their details.

Better Information

Because we built and developed the monitoring platform it is continually being enhanced. When a user is in alert the monitoring centre can see battery life remaining as well as the device location accuracy down to metres.

Ending Alerts

By design only the monitoring centre can end or cancel an alert. Regardless of the user the monitoring centre will always call the user first to confirm the event. Only upon an escalation contact with the user will an alert be cancelled.