5 Reasons to Invest in a Lone Worker Safety Solution

5 Reasons to Invest in a Lone Worker Safety Solution

Lone worker safety solution, do I really need one? Read on to find out why you do. But If you find yourself asking: what exactly is a lone worker? You might find our previous blog What is a Lone or Remote Worker worth a read.

Obviously working alone isn’t illegal, it would be ridiculous if it was. But, according to the law, employers are responsible for the health and safety of lone workers. Regulations also point out that it’s best if lone workers take care when it comes to their own personal safety. This is where investing in a lone worker safety solution can come in. Employers and employees can work together to find the best safety solution for them.

Yellow calendar icon with the words "Safety isn't 9-5 & neither are we. Use the WSG app during the day at work or in your personal time, set the timer when you go for a run. We want you using it 24/7 365 days a year. #SafetyIsAboutPeople" WSG is a complete lone worker safety solution.

1. To Protect the Health & Safety of Lone Workers.

One of the greatest benefits of investing in a lone worker safety solution is the fact that you can rest easy knowing that your employees are safe. Or, what if the worst should happen? What if there was an offsite accident or personal safety risk? You can relax knowing that an alert will activate and help will be on the way.

The health and safety of your employees is more important than anything else. Human beings should always be the main concern, not the bottom line. You wouldn’t intentionally put your employees in a dangerous situation. But, you can intentionally help them manage one. The legalities of workplace health and safety are immense, but employee safety should come down to more than the legal ins and outs. Wouldn’t you like to show that you care about employee safety? Isn’t it important that your company be an industry leader in employee safety? Which brings us to our second point…

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2. Investing in Lone Worker Safety can help you Attract the Best Employees

Any company with a marketing department knows that employee marketing is here to stay. Why do people suffer through rigorous interview processes like that of Google? Because they want to work there! The best employers generate the best staff. How can investing in employee safety help? There are over 90,000 employee reviews on Seek. What would you like your employees to say about you? Wouldn’t it be great if your employee reviews talked about how much you care about your employee’s safety? Not only when they are at work, but all the time. That’s one of the greatest benefits of a safety app like WSG, you don’t pay any extra if your employees use the safety app outside of their work hours.

Every time someone activates the WSG safety app onto an iOS or Android phone it’s monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cost is the same if they use it at 9 am, 10 pm, or both. The team at Recruiterbox note that a big part of employee marketing is for the potential employees to see that your current staff are more than cogs in a wheel. That they are honestly valued. Why not use social media to let current and potential employees know how you value your team and their safety?

By posting about your investment in a lone worker safety solution to your social media sites you also generate good PR. But that comes later in the list. Even if only selected members of your team are lone or remote workers, other members of staff use these experiences to evaluate how much you appreciate and value your employees and their safety.

A Lone worker safety solution like WSG helps with the WHS Legislation. Worksafe Guardian delivers a product that assists with some of the responsibilities that come with work health and safety legislation.

3. Investing in a lone worker safety solution now can save you money in the long run.

What happens if lone worker safety becomes an issue for your company? You may end up having to send out two workers to do the job of one. Investment in a lone worker safety solution could save you money in the long run, and ensure one person can continue to do the job of one person. Most lone worker safety solutions are a lot more cost effective than sending out two people.

Not only that but studies have shown that if you want more engagement out of employees then workplace safety should be a priority. It also shows that workplace safety has a significant effect on worker productivity. The more productive the workers are the more the company saves. The costs of finding and training new staff or short-term replacements are huge. Did you know that there were over 106,000 workplace accidents in Australia (2013-2014) that resulted in the person having to take at least a week off work? The HESA PRO provides a good outline of the financial costs of these types of accidents, including:

  • Payment for work not performed
  • Compensation
  • Possible replacement or repair of equipment
  • Increased expense from training, admin, and insurance
  • Negative impact on other employees.

A lot of these accidents in Australia were from lone working professions. You have to wonder if there were adequate lone worker safety procedures in place, how much could the damage from these accidents be reduced? It’s time for businesses to start taking a more active approach to employee safety. Especially when you consider the time period before new employees can perform to the same standard as the previous ones.

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4. Investing in lone worker safety can save you time and money on PR

Every time there is an accident or some kind of incident within a company, someone asks questions. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Was there a way to prevent it? Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about these types of questions? If you have invested in a lone worker safety solution, like the WSG safety app, combined with a good WHS system, PR becomes a breeze. If there is a minor incident your PR will have a response ready to go: “Due to the company’s investment in employee safety, an alert went out and we were able to take the appropriate action immediately.” A company that is serious about staff safety has appropriate systems in place and invests in employee safety on a regular basis, will generate good PR.

A yellow clock icon to the left of the words "Leave the Worrying to Us. WSG takes on the responsibility of monitoring the wellbeing of lone workers in your business. Leaving other staff to enjoy their personal time. Because WSG are the lone worker safety specialists in Australia.

5. Investing in a lone worker safety solution can ensure that your emergency plan is up-to-date.

Guidelines set out by Safe Work Australia include emergency plans. Writing and emergency plan is one thing, but what happens when your employees find themselves in an emergency situation? Do they know what to do? Or who to call? With an employee safety solution, like the WSG safety app, loaded onto an Android or iOS phone, the emergency plan is taken care of.

When there is an emergency situation the staff member simply sends out an alert and the experienced grade A1 monitoring team will then implement the agreed procedure. This can be anything from calling emergency services or contacting a supervisor. It depends on the needs of the company. The main thing is your emergency plan goes from an abstract idea in a company file to something actionable. It takes the pressure off the employee, they don’t have to be concerned if they are taking the right course of action or not. So, do you want to protect the well-being of your employees, attract the best staff, save on costs, have better PR, and create an actionable emergency plan? Then Worksafe Guardian’s lone worker safety solution is what you need. Subscribe to Blogs

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