“The WSG Safety App
Gives Me Peace of Mind
When I’m Working Alone.”

What we offer


Easy Sign Up

Even if you have hundreds or thousands of staff, that’s not a problem. We have a simple process which allows a bulk upload in seconds.

Convenient and easy to use

The alert is activated by either a PRESS of the ‘button’ or a SHAKE of the phone. GPS monitoring lets us know exactly where you are immediately. We respond instantly.

Peace of Mind

If you’re employees are offsite, work alone or go into potentially risky situations, provide them with Worksafe Guardian. Feel good knowing your staff have access to the WSG safety app 24/7.



The Worksafe Guardian safety app is designed and engineered by our monitoring professionals. It is not imported and rebadged for Australia, it is 100% Australian owned and controlled.

Australian Made & Owned full colour logo from Worksafe Guardian Safety App website

More About


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The Worksafe Guardian safety app is a very cost-effective way to increase the safety and security of your workforce. It lets your employees know you’re doing all you can to take extra care of their health and wellbeing 24/7.

The WSG safety app provides your employees with a tool that enables them to be proactive and send an instant alert if feeling threatened.

These threats may come from:
• A client
• A stranger
• A medical emergency
• Even an accident going to or from work.

By providing your employees with this safety app, it promotes confidence and increases their safety. Think of this app as your organisation’s ‘Buddy System’. Much more cost effective than providing an extra employee!

GPS Tracking only on alert

The monitoring centre only receives live tracking and a map with your position when you start the alert. The map is live for as long as the alert is running.

Self Managed Welfare Check

Even if your company policy is to only have 1 hour welfare checks you have the flexibility to set them more frequently.
Available on the App Store logo black and white from the WSG Lone Worker Safety App about page tp show where to download the WSG lone worker Australia app

Keep your information current

Call the Monitoring centre and we will help keep your details up to date, hair colour, vehicle registration, best contacts.

No Extra Device costs

Because the app runs on the users smart phone there is no need to pay for extra devices and extra data plans.
Get it on Google Play logo from the WSG Lone Worker Australia Safety App website

24/7 Monitoring System

We are there 24/7 ready to help you!

Thousands of clients

We monitor varying types of alarms and personal safety devices for a broad range of industries but particularly those which include lone workers.

Immediate, Personal Response

Every one of our experienced operators is fully licensed and trained using our in-house developed training program. We are committed to providing our customers with a consistent high level personalised response service.


Security Alarm Monitoring Service specialise in priority response monitoring for the security industry in Australia. Operating a 24/7 professional monitoring centre since 1996.

Emergency Services approved

Security Alarm Monitoring Service is registered with all relevant emergency services around Australia. We are trained to provide a professional priority response service.

Grade A1

Our Purpose built monitoring centre services clients all around the country. The centre is accredited ASIAL ‘Grade A1’ the highest possible rating under the Australian Standards.

Custom responses

Our responses to alerts are flexible as not every situation will require emergency services, some may require a supervisor or manager. Security Alarm Monitoring Service can customise the response to alerts for your company.