Access Health & Community – Putting Lone Worker Safety First

Access Health and Community’s Experience with the Worksafe Guardian Safety App.

Recently at WSG, we decided to try and better understand the process that companies go through to implement new safety procedures like the WSG app. To do this, we took it upon ourselves to talk to some of our clients about their experiences. We hope that companies who are starting this process will be able to find some value in what others have learned.

Below is some of what Access Health and Community’s (AccessHC) representative had to say about their experience and why they are putting lone worker safety first.

Black and white scrabble board with the words health, safety, work, policy, accident, training, risk, assessment from Worksafe Guardian Safety App website also has a magnifying glass for an in-depth look at why Access Health and Safety are putting lone worker safety first.

Why did AccessHC feel the need to seek out a lone worker safety solution?

While there was no direct incident that lead to the decision to look for a lone worker safety solution. AccessHC were aware their employees were required to go “into locations where they didn’t always feel safe”. There were some instances where staff felt uncomfortable and left the premises before the job was finished. The AccessHC representative had this to say: “it had been raised through our Clinical Governance Committee and referred through to our occupational health and safety committee. And through a risk assessment, we decided that we needed some form of off-site duress system.”

Why did AccessHC choose the WSG App?

AccessHC were looking for “something that was easy to use, that was cost effective” and that was professionally monitored. It was important to them that, in the event of an emergency, it wasn’t left to their managers to make all the decisions. It also adds extra pressure to be constantly available. AccessHC took their duty of care seriously. They wanted to make sure that they were getting the right solution for their team. With this in mind, they trialled a total of 14 different safety solutions before deciding to go with Worksafe Guardian.

One of the main reasons that Worksafe Guardian stood out from the others was their location tuning capability. “Worksafe Guardian gave us an option where staff could be located by GPS but then if they were in a higher level in the building… by putting in extra information we could locate them more accurately”. This feature is not available to all lone worker safety solutions. In particular, those that require a separate device don’t provide this.

Do you employ a lone or remote worker? Icons with different professions showing who is a lone or remote worker

What words of advice can AccessHC pass on to others starting this process?

“Finding the balance that meets the need in your organisation is really important”. As an example of this AccessHC pointed out that they have several licences for the WSG app for shared phones, which get signed out with a vehicle. While this system works well for some areas of the business it’s not perfect for everyone. Because of this AccessHC are looking to sign-up several staff members for WSG apps on their personal devices.

Another important message from AccessHC was about the setup and implementation of the app across different areas of the company. They recommend that each device is properly set up with the app and all the relevant phone numbers etc. before they are sent out. Because you don’t want to “have to go around all of those sites and set up the app individually.”

What kind of feedback has there been from the staff so far?

While it is still early days for the AccessHC team, the general feeling is of positivity. The sense is that employees are “really grateful that the organisation has invested… in a system that hopefully we’ll never need to use.” At the end of the day, it does come down to AccessHC’s “duty of care as an employer… staff do recognise that we want them to be safe when they’re out doing their job.”

Importantly, the AccessHC team have been very clear in their training sessions about what is being monitored. AccessHC makes sure that all team members are aware that “locations are only monitored when you send data to the app or when you activate a duress”. They use the same example each time to illustrate the point. “We will never know if you stop by the butcher on your way back from a home visit.”

Is Putting Lone Worker Safety First a Priority for your Company too?

Implementing new health and safety policies is never a simple or quick process. But if you are looking at a lone worker safety solution please contact us at WSG at any time. We would be happy to help. Or, if you are starting out visit our “Where To Start” page. Here you will find all the information and documents you need to make sure you are getting the right solution for your needs.