Why an App-based Safety Solution Is the Answer for Campus Security

Why an App-based Safety Solution Is the Answer for Campus Security

It’s no secrete that university campuses can be sprawling institutions. But while they are busy hubs of activity during the day, after hours can be a different story. Many students and facility stay after hours to work on projects requiring university resources such as science labs or libraries. It’s simply not practical to have the university or campus close down at a certain time. Unfortunately, this means that there are increased risks outside of peak hours.

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What Universities Suggest

It may surprise many people, but some Australian university websites still recommend carrying a phone card or change in case they need to call someone in an emergency. Where they would find a working phone booth is another matter. In this day and age, that seems rather antiquated, especially coming from universities that are the forefront of new technology.

Some do, at least, have security phones scattered around strategically for emergency situations. Other’s encourage people to arrange campus security to walk them to their car if they fell threatened in any way.

Why These Suggestions are Lacking

Carrying change, or a phone card (do they still sell those?), is probably a moot point given that almost everyone has a mobile phone now. But a mobile phone in and of itself is not necessarily any great protection or help in an emergency situation. If you feel threatened who do you call? Your senses might tell you that something is off, but at the same time, you just can’t put your finger on what. Every school child knows not to call 000 unless it is a legitimate emergency. But by the time a situation is without a doubt an emergency, you might not have time to do so.

Likewise, students and facility may feel perfectly safe when they are leaving their building, only to find half way across campus they start feeling uneasy. At this point, it can be too late to organise campus security to accompany you. It is better to be over prepared and nothing ever happens then to look back in hindsight with regreats.

How An App-based Safety Solution Can Help

With a fully monitored safety solution app, like WSG, there is always someone there when you need them. The app is equipped with four different ways to alert the control centre if you require assistance. It may be that you have a prickly feeling and want to have someone on the phone walking to your car, that’s not a problem, there is someone there 24/7. Not only that, but if there was an emergency, the person on the other end of the phone, or actioning the alert, isn’t going to panic.

The WSG monitoring centre is Australian standard Grade A1 (the highest available), and as such, the team in the control room are highly trained and know exactly what action to take and when. Processes and procedures that have evolved over 20 years.

With a professionally monitored app-based safety solution you have the option of setting a welfare timer when you leave the office or classroom. That means that you can set the timer for 20 minutes and if an alert is triggered because the app user has not check-in or ended the timer the monitoring centre will begin to get live location tracking from the phone. It also means that someone will start looking for you at the end of that 20 minutes if you don’t check-in.

The “It Won’t Happen to Me” Mentality

There is a better than average chance that you won’t experience any kind of emergency situation by working late on campus. You have to ask yourself if that is a risk you are willing to take?

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