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The Importance of Choosing a Lone Worker Safety App that is an ASIAL Member, secure lone worker app

What is ASIAL?

ASIAL, the Australian Security Industry Association Limited, is the leading association where membership is a significant distinction valued by both members, government, and the public. ASIAL plays an important role in representing the security industry’s interests, developing industry standards, and raising the level of professionalism by acting as the industry’s voice.

Why choose a lone worker company that is an ASIAL member?

Understand your requirements as an employer.

ASIAL have minimum requirements for their members.

To ensure ASIAL members adhere to the highest standards and requirements, they are thoroughly vetted. Therefore, when you use a business that is ASIAL registered, you can be assured of receiving superior quality of security service.

Empower Lone Workers, Empower Vulnerable Workers, WHS Strategy

ASIAL members receive constant professional development and industry best practices resources.

Industry insights and updates help members to enhance their abilities and knowledge to stay ahead of the current market. Being an ASIAL member means that we are always up to date with the latest information to provide our best quality service and reduce security risks.

How to Check in on Lone Workers or Remote Workers - How to ask are you okay

Members receive compliance and regulatory affairs assistance

All ASIAL members have access to compliance and regulatory affairs assistance. This helps businesses develop better more in depth security procedures to mitigate any risks.

All ASIAL members must be security licensed.

Holding a security license is a requirement for any business operating in the security industry. At WorkSafe Guardian, we hold a security license due to the information we deal with and ensures we are mitigating security risks in all aspects of our business.

The WorkSafe Guardian Difference

WorkSafe Guardian is the only Australian owned and operated lone worker safety alert app that is a registered ASIAL member and is security licensed. We prioritise reducing security risks and having security procedures in place to benefit our clients and users. 

To read more about ASIAL, visit the ASIAL Website

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