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Australian Made Week 2023

From the 15th – 21st of May is Australian Made Week 2023, which is all about supporting Australia’s Makers and Growers. Here at WorkSafe Guardian, we think this is a super important topic as the WorkSafe Guardian App is 100% Australian Made, Owned and Secured!

By choosing local products and produce, it makes a huge difference to local employment and businesses.

According to the Family Business Survey 2021 conducted by KPMG, 67% of all businesses in Australia are family-owned and operated. Meaning that more than half of the nation’s workforce are employed by a family business [1].

This year Australian Made Week 2023 continues on from previous year’s success of their first national campaign that prompted more than 70% of Aussies to increase their efforts to prioritise local product purchases [2].

With over 4,200 Australian businesses sporting the green-and-gold logo. This month is a great way to further push yourself to continue buying Australian Made products. As your purchases have a direct impact on the economy and thousands of employers and employees across Australia. 

 To read more, visit Australian Made

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