Life in London Lockdown

WSG Team member Kayla reflects on life in London during the height of the Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Getting back into the office – are you prepared?

Getting back into the office – are you prepared? We’re getting back to some form of normal, and for many that means transitioning back to the office.  It could be full time back to the office or a hybrid version.  Some days at the office and some at home.  But this could also be a […]

Your Mental Health Toolkit

Your Mental Health Toolkit A new Work For Health Framework One of the most crucial aspects of any thriving workplace is the health and wellbeing of employees.  A focus on employee health can result in significantly enhanced employee engagement and productivity.  But it also creates a positive safety culture and atmosphere for all employees.  So […]

Be Smart and WorkSafe this Festive Season

Be Smart and WorkSafe this Festive Season Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered! The holiday season is approaching and many of your employees will ask for some well-deserved time off.  This means there will be less staff around.  So, how can you ensure those remaining staff will be smart and worksafe this festive season? […]

Employee Wellbeing & Covid Lockdowns

Employee Wellbeing & Covid Lockdowns In our abruptly changing world, we are now coming to grips with what is going to be our “new normal”. The effects of Employee Wellbeing and Covid Lockdowns we are only starting to see now. One thing is certain, the impacts of unpredictable and extended lockdown periods have been immense. […]