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Organisations that trust WorkSafe Guardian

Medibank trusts WorkSafe Guardian to keep their lone workers safe.
Department of Communities and Justice (NSW) trusts WorkSafe Guardian to keep their employees safe.
Sydney Local Health District trusts WorkSafe Guardian to keep their lone workers safe.
Stockland trusts WorkSafe Guardian to keep their lone workers safe.

WorkSafe Guardian Helps Businesses Like Yours to...

Comply with Lone Worker Legislation with the WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker Safety App


Comply with legal requirements to keep employees safe.

Protect Your Lone Workers with the WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker Safety App


Provide lone workers with safety tools to protect themselves.

Reduce Resources Needed to Manage Lone Workers with the WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker Safety App


Reduce the typical resource demands for lone workers.

“WorkSafe Guardian is a well thought out product that has been designed to include all features needed to ensure our staff are safe when working in the community. The feedback from staff who are using WSG have been positive due to WSG being reliable and user friendly.”

— Roseberry Qld

The Only Lone Worker Safety Business to Achieve 5 ISO Certificates

Protecting lone workers while upholding rigorous governance standards is our priority. WorkSafe Guardian is proud to be the only lone worker safety business with 5 international standard certifications, including ISO/IEC27001 for Information Security Management Systems. Our commitment to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability aligns seamlessly with your risk mitigation and governance needs.

Rest assured, user privacy and data security are central to our solution. Personal information is securely stored and location is accessed only during emergencies, eliminating tracking concerns. All data is hosted on our Australian servers, ensuring both employee safety and data integrity.

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