Cara Implement New Safety Procedure for Lone Workers

Cara’s Experience with Worksafe Guardian.

Recently at WSG, we decided to try and better understand the process that companies go through to implement new safety procedures like the WSG app. To do this, we took it upon ourselves to talk to some of our clients about their experiences. We hope that companies who are starting through this process will be able to find some value in what others have already learned.

Below is some of what Cara’s representative had to say about their experience.

Two hands shaking, one with a gold wedding band on, a symbol of the relationship between Worksafe Guardian and their Clients Cara who took it upon themselves to implement a new safety procedure for the lone and remote workers.

Why did Cara feel the need to seek out a lone worker safety solution?

Cara has several accommodation houses and respite houses in the community and there is often only one employee there at night looking after up to six people, depending on the site. There were obvious risks involved if that employee were to get called out at night and needed to go to another house. Cara’s need was “to ensure that those people who were alone could have some sort of quick response if they needed assistance, or fell over, or if there was a break-in – that kind of thing.”

Why did Cara choose the WSG App?

Cara had tried other lone worker safety devices, but had found them to be “clunky”. There were also other issues associated with these devices, “they had to be charged overnight and they kept falling over and that would set off the alarm.”

Cara knew what they wanted but were unable to find a device that was already on the market to fulfil their needs. So, they started talking to the development team at WSG and outlined what it was Cara staff were looking for. Cara really wanted “something that’s on a phone and you don’t have to dial a number for… the other thing was with [the other device] there wasn’t actually anyone talking back to the support worker.” Cara felt that this was a major flaw in the device and wanted their employees to have immediate contact with a person so that they could talk through what they needed and gain some reassurance. The main thing for Cara was that they could implement a solution that the employees “could use easily, practically and quickly in an emergency”.

Cara Logo full colour Cara and their tag line "we find possible" in grey with their three circle logo in light blue, dark blue, and purple to the right hand side. For the WSG blog on how Cara implement a new safety procedure for their lone and remote workers.

What words of advice can Cara pass on to others starting this process?

The best advice Cara can give to others starting the process is to look at the Worksafe Guardian app. The app is simple to use and the set-up process is equally easy. Even if the staff don’t need to use it regularly “having it there is peace of mind that they can talk to someone, that someone will ring them” if they set off an alert.

What kind of feedback has there been from the staff so far?

The feedback from the Cara staff on the app has been really positive. “People do feel a little bit more empowered, they’re feeling safer knowing that there is someone that they can speak to quickly.” Previously, Cara employees needed to phone the after-hours paging service, who would have then sent the message to the pager, and the person on call would have to then answer the page. Now that the WSG app is available to them, the whole process works much more quickly and they are feeling safer for it. “It just takes that step out, where you can actually talk to someone directly and let them know exactly what you need.”

Others looking for a lone worker safety solution.

Implementing new health and safety policies is never a simple or quick process. But if you are looking at a lone worker safety solution please contact us at WSG at any time, we would be happy to help. Or, if you are starting out visit our “Where To Start” page. Here you will find all the information and documents you need to make sure you are getting the right solution for your needs.