Employee Safety in the Workplace

This month we shine a light on two key areas sitting front and centre for employers and employees. With Covid-19 forever changing our lives, one result is clear. We must continue to promote employee safety in the workplace at all times. What does the word “safety” mean in this context? For most, safety in the workplace relates to a person’s physical safety. What about on an emotional or psychological level? Where does the duty of care extend?

Two very important initiatives kick off nationally in the month of October.

Safe Work Month

October 2021

Every October in Australia we celebrate Safe Work Month. With one goal. To bring employers and employees together in the commitment of workplace safety.

This year’s theme: Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe

With this in mind, SafeWork Australia encourages Australians to build safer and healthier workplaces. In other words, thinking and acting appropriately to stay safe at work.

Safe Work Month explains how to make safety a higher priority at work. Learn more about Safe Work Month, download resources and get your organisation involved.

Check out the SafeWork Australia site for more information.

Mental Health Month

Employee safety from a mental health perspective

The Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) has started their 2021 October campaign. National Mental Health Month is designed to raise awareness of Australian mental health.

The topic of the year: Post Pandemic Recovery Challenges and Resilience

The key focus is on awareness about mental health across various industries. Many are still facing huge challenges as a result of Covid-19. This year’s theme aims to embrace all Australians to foster resilience and start down the road to recovery.

In fact, there are dozens of events taking place across Australia throughout the month. These are organised to attract and unite all Australians. Take this opportunity to start important conversations with your teams.

Go to the MHFA website today to see how you can get involved.

National Mental Health Month October 2021

Employee Safety in the Workplace

What if your home becomes your workplace?

The global pandemic has been challenging enough for the world. Combine the transition of the workplace to the home office. And you have a bunch of new challenges and increased risk.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations exist to ensure employees’ safety and well-being in the workplace. In consequence, this means any place of work, including the home. The employer’s duty of care does not change. Risk can exist in many forms, not least of which involves an employee’s mental health.

Covid-19 has highlighted the mental health issues facing employees. Notably, the risk this poses for their workforce now working remotely. An office environment working with other colleagues is now a solitary situation. Without regular contact with their team, the isolation and increased risk can be dangerous. Acts of domestic violence play a part in the risk for employees.

And now, this is where WorkSafe Guardian comes in. With its purpose-built Lone Worker Safety Solution. Co-Founder of WorkSafe Guardian, Greg Lindner, recently spoke with the Australian Institute of Company Directors. This centred on the importance of mental health in the workplace, and the subsequent impact of working alone.