Employee Wellbeing & Covid Lockdowns

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Side Effects of COVID Lockdowns & Employee Wellbeing

In our abruptly changing world, we are now coming to grips with what is going to be our “new normal”. The effects of Employee Wellbeing and Covid Lockdowns we are only starting to see now. One thing is certain, the impacts of unpredictable and extended lockdown periods have been immense. Emotional and physical fear presents itself in many ways. From those people forced into the home office, to our frontline workers, the strain is very evident. Sometimes though, that strain is not quite so obvious. How can we tell and what can we do to help? What are our responsibilities?

And what happens now, when it appears that the lockdowns may be coming to an end? Are we ready to venture back to the original workplace? What if that workplace is no longer there?

We explore an alarming side effect of Employee Wellbeing and Covid Lockdowns as well as further inspiring initiatives this month with White Ribbon Day and Head to Health. Read on to find out more.


Family and Domestic Violence

Ongoing lockdowns and social distancing have had an alarming increase in acts of domestic violence. It has also reduced the capacity for victims to speak up. Being confined to the home office during lockdown increases the risk for employees. But do employers understand the risks and their obligations?

Safe Work Australia has stated:

‘You must ensure workers and others are not exposed to risks to their health and safety, including from family and domestic violence in the workplace’.

Employers must understand their obligations and educate themselves. More importantly take the appropriate steps to protect employees from harm in the workplace, irrespective of where that is. There’s no excuse.

Last month we highlighted Safe Work Month and Employee Mental Health Month. Two incredibly important initiatives to increase awareness on a national level.

Another equally important event taking place across Australia this month is White Ribbon Day. On Friday 19th November 2021 groups and workplaces across the nation will come together to educate and increase awareness of gender inequality and violence.

Employee Wellbeing and Lockdowns

Employee wellbeing during Covid & lockdowns
Head to Health Mental Health Support Poster

Another big change is coming, the prospect of returning to the workplace after lockdown is over. So here we have another conundrum, are you ready for that change? This in itself is another upheaval for some, where the home office has become quite welcome and a work-life balance could be achieved. For others, it was extremely difficult, stressful and a huge adjustment. Does going back then create an additional source of fear and uncertainty?

It’s a good time to start preparing for the migration back to what could be an original or somewhat modified workplace. A mental health check could be in order. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources and support that is available to help our workforce navigate through what might also be another stressful change.

The Australian Government has created a website with access to numerous support resources to help you check in not only on your employees but also on yourself and other loved ones in your life.

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