What is a Meeting/Welfare/Check in Timer?

Set a timer for how long you expect to be in a meeting, completing a task or what your company policy is to check in to acknowledge you are Ok.  When the timer is set it sends a start timer command to the Monitoring Centre in the same way that it appears on your phone.  This way if you find that you drop out of service or your phone goes flat there is still an alert trigger active. If something happens and you do not stop the timer it will alert us  and then begin sending your location (if your phone is in service and on) plus your manually added information entered when starting the timer as well as the live location. Your phone also sends to the Monitoring Centre the remaining battery level in your phone and the accuracy in metres of your location.

How to set a timer?

Step 1 > Open the App

Step 2 > Tap on the word Timer at the bottom of the screen

Step 3 > Check the address that appears at the top of the screen and confirm if correct. Tapping the target icon at the far right of the box will update the location if incorrect.

Step 4 > To set the location elsewhere, press and hold the red pin and drag it to the new location. The box at the top of the screen will update with the new address. You can zoom in on the map for easy use.

Step 5 > To add additional information such as a level of the building the meeting is occurring on, the room number or the activity you are completing, tap on Additional Information at the bottom of the screen.

NB – instead of typing use the microphone icon on the keyboard, it will enter text straight from for the voice.

Step 6 > Tap on Confirm Location to continue

Step 7 > Set the expected duration of the meeting, give yourself a few extra minutes.

Step 8 > To edit the address or the additional information tap the edit icon (square with a pencil in it) on the right of each box this will return you to the location map.

Step 9 > To confirm the shake feature is enabled the switch will be yellow. This is important to check, and you may choose to go to default settings and enable shake here to ensure this feature is always on. Tap the switch to turn off the shake feature if it is not required.

Step 10 > Tap Set Timer. The screen will change to the countdown timer

Step 11 > The countdown timer screen displays buttons to initiate the Safety Alert or Medical Alert if required. The Cancel Timer button, to end the timer, or the Restart Timer button to restart the welfare timer session.

N.B. The user can cancel or restart timer at any time and is not required to wait the duration of previous timer.

Is there an alert button?

Yes. There are 2 buttons on the main screen of the app, one is for safety and the other is for medical both have different responses by the Monitoring Centre. To trigger a manual Safety or Medical Alert;

Step 1 > Open the App

Step 2 > Press and hold either icon (depending on type of Alert required) for 3 seconds until the yellow outer ring closes and turns green. Your phone will vibrate when the alert is sent, and the icon will turn red.

Step 3 > The Monitoring Centre will follow your pre-agreed response instructions which may including calling you at first instance. If you are contacted and the correct voice code is confirmed the alert will be resolved by the operator.

N.B. The user cannot cancel the alert via the app.

Can I configure the sensitivity of the shake function?

Listening to users of older 3rd party devices this was a big issue where by the shake was too sensitive or continually false alarmed. We have put in a configuration option so each user can adjust the sensitivity based on their day to day life. To configure the shake settings;

Step 1 > Tap the cog icon at the top of the screen to open the setting menu

Step 2 > Select Shake Detection by tapping

Step 3 > Slide the ball across the screen for the sensitivity required, far left is very sensitive and far right is extremely less sensitive. Slide the second ball to how many times to shake in a 3 second period to set an alert. These settings are utilised for reducing false alerts during day to day activity.

Step 4 > Test by shaking while still in the configuration screen and the phone will vibrate when reaching the level and occurrences set. No alerts are sent while in this screen

Step 5 > Tap the back arrow when correct and your selections will be saved

Do I need to unlock my phone to respond to timers?

Thanks to some great programming and the new functions in the latest phone software upgrades, timer responses can be actioned from the lock screen, some smart watches and also using Siri or Ok Google.

How does the App know what floor of a building I’m in?

Location services are getting better as it uses phone towers, the inbuilt phone GPS and WI-FI to improve location accuracy. What it still cannot do is elevation or pin point in large buildings, we added a notes section when starting a timer so you can explain your exact location details or task type.

Should I let someone know if my appearance or other details change?

Personal information security is our highest priority and we do require a level of personal information to be kept so that when necessary, we can provide a good description of your appearance to a Responder, helping them find you and confirm you are the correct person in need of assistance. When filling out the sign up form there are a series of questions about your appearance, please be honest as the only people who see the information are WSG security licenced employees and the Monitoring Centre operators when an alert is triggered. The information is stored on our own servers, in secure data centres here in Australia, we do not have data stores on shared servers such as Amazon, Microsoft or the like.

If you do need to make changes because you changed the colour of your hair, got glasses or a new tattoo that will help Responders find you when needed, please call 1300 265 151 to have the details updated.

Does the App have a test function?

We put a test function in the app for many reasons, it’s great piece of mind to test the app weekly or monthly the process also stamps on the usage report your employer receives. To test an alert;

Step 1 > Tap the cog icon at the top of the screen to open the setting menu

Step 2 > Select Alert Test by tapping

Step 3 > Press and hold the icon for 3 seconds until the yellow outer ring closes, turns green and vibration occurs.

Step 4 > 5 tasks will appear, when each task is complete it will have a green tick to the left

Step 5 > When there are 5 ticks the test is complete, and the test can then be emailed as proof to a manger if required

Step 6 > If a red cross appears please check for mobile/cell service and location services are turned on. Additional assistance can be obtained by calling, 1300 265 151 or +61 8 8395 4050

Are you tracking me all the time?

The only time your location is sent to the Monitoring Centre is when your phone is in alert. Once the Alert is started our Monitoring Centre operators will see your phone’s live position on a map. When they have confirmed you are ok and received your voice password or responders are with you, will we end the alert which then stops the location being sent.

What is a voice code and why is it important?

Voice codes are very important as it is your password to the Monitoring Centre. Quote the right voice code and we can update your details or cancel an alert. Quote the wrong one and we will begin to assume you are in a compromised situation. Make sure you use something you will always remember.

Is there a manual or training videos?

We want you to have the best experience of the WSG app we can provide. Inside the app on the settings screen (cog icon in the top corner) there is a section called “How to Use WorkSafe Guardian”, click on that and a PDF manual will download to your phone.

If you want more detailed training we highly recommend the videos which can be found by clicking here.

What do I do if I have lost my App code?

If you do not have your App Code give WSG Support a call, quote your voice code and they will give you the key. WSG support can be called on 1300 265 151.

Does WSG use Siri and 'OK Google'?

Yes. WSG has now integrated Siri and OK Google to;

  • Trigger a Safety Alert
  • Trigger a Medical Alert
  • Acknowledge and Continue a timer
  • Stop a timer


Why is this better then my staff calling 000?

The Worksafe Guardian Lone Worker app has several different ways of sending an alert if user is able to or not. Sure opening the app and pressing the Safety or Medical alert buttons may take the same time as calling 000 but do they always know where they are and have you tried to navigate through 000 before when you just need help? With the Shake and voice triggered alerts the app user has more instant ways of setting an alert.

Using the timer is a great way to alert the Monitoring Centre if the user is somehow incapacitated, it’s the backup alert which has had great results.

What if the employee is forced to cancel an alert?

If an employee is forced to cancel an alert due to a bad situation it will still show as active on our system.  We will try to call the user and if they quote the wrong voice code we will begin the response process.  Likewise, if they do not answer we will also begin the response process.

How much is the app?

The app is free to download and starts at $33.00 per user per month including GST which includes;

  • The App and updates
  • 24/7 monitoring and response
  • Daily, weekly or monthly usage reports
  • Support
  • Please see our features page for a full breakdown by clicking here

Please contact us if you have larger numbers for competitive pricing.

How hard is the signup process?

Some signup processes can be difficult and a lot harder than they should be. We have streamlined ours to make it quick and accurate.

Once all the online agreements have been signed, response instructions agreed and escalation contacts sorted we email all the app users a link to the sign up form. Once they have filled in the details it is entered and they are emailed back;

  • Their app code
  • App download instructions
  • The training videos
  • Contact details for our support team

Generally speaking users are up and running within 24 hours of submitting their signup form.

Are there any redundancies?

Worksafe Guardian and the monitoring platform behind it was built from the ground up using the DNA of the security Monitoring industry. WSG runs on 2 identical servers that fall over to each other to limit the impact of outages. The servers are in Data centres linked via a private network and run the latest supervision software.

Our chosen Monitoring Centre also has redundancies, with backup phone systems, internet connection and power to keep up time above 99%.

You can see we take the safety of your Lone Workers very seriously.

Do you only get the location when the alert starts or is it live and updating until the alert is finalised?

Once an alert starts we continue to get the live location on our maps. When the alert has been actioned it is closed and the tracking ends. The history is stamped in our system if required.

What if my employees use it out of office hours?

There are not too many businesses that work 9 to 5 anymore and as our business is 24/7 we encourage everyone to use the app 24/7. Setting the timer for the walk home from the bus on a cold winter’s night and the shake to activate function at the standby creates confidence and adds a level of safety they have not had before.

What if it is a false alert?

The Monitoring Centre will always call the user first before starting any form of response. This will qualify if the alert is false and if so conserve emergency services resources.


Can I have different escalations for different teams?

As we designed WSG ourselves we understood early that not every user would be the same or their response. WSG has been designed with a hierarchy in mind so we have many possibilities for setting up your organisation for escalation, responses and reporting.

Is there a free trial so we can test the response?

Since day 1 we have encouraged potential users to take up a free trial of the app for a short period of time. This gives you an opportunity to;

  • Test response times
  • See how easy the app is to use
  • Speak with support
  • Evaluate the product against others

We offer a few different types of trials as everyone assesses Lone worker Solutions differently. The options are;

  • Callback only where we just call you back when testing the app. To sign up now click here.
  • Team trial, this is where you wish to gain broader feedback from the team. Please contact us on 1300 265 151  or email info@worksafeguardian.com.au to discuss the process.
  • Full response trial, this is where we set up escalations and responders to complete a very thorough test of the solution. Please contact us on 1300 265 151  or email info@worksafeguardian.com.au to discuss the process.