Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don’t want you to call emergency services first?

Our responses can be customised to your business. A lot of businesses would like a supervisor called first or a responsible person on duty. In the case of a retirement village where all the residents have the app they may want the nurses station called first.

I have 100 employees, there must be an easy way to sign them up?

We have designed a bulk upload form where 100’s or 1000’s of employees can be added and then uploaded all in one shot.


What if the employee is forced to cancel an alert?

If an employee is forced to cancel an alert due to a bad situation it will still show as active on our system. We will try and call the user and if they quote the wrong voice code we will begin the response process or if they do not answer we will also begin the response process.


How much is the app?

The app is free to download, the monitoring is the most important part of this service.


Why use push notification?

In our testing and experience with other alert types and devices push notifications were the quickest and most reliable. SMS is never 100% guaranteed delivery and email can get stuck in servers or junk mail.


Do you only get the location when the alert starts or is it live and updating until the alert is finalised?

Once an alert starts we continue to get the live location on our maps. When the alert has been actioned it is closed and the tracking ends.


What if my employees use it out of office hours?

There are not too many businesses that work 9 to 5 anymore and as our business is 24/7 we encourage everyone to use the app 24/7. Setting the timer for the walk home from the bus on a cold winter’s night and the shake to activate function at the standby creates confidence and adds a level of safety they have not had before.


What if it is a false alert?

We will always call the user first before starting any form of response. This will qualify if the alert is false and if so conserve emergency services resources.


How much is the monitoring?

If you are a small organisiation we have made it easy, just go to the online form, fill in the details and the payment method and you are up and running. If you are representing a larger business we encourage you to contact us for rates and the bulk upload facility.



What is a Meeting Timer?

This is a one off timer for how long you expect to be in a meeting. The timer when set sends us your location so if something happens and you do not stop the timer it will alert us with your original location as well as the live location.

What is a welfare timer?

Another name for this is interval timer. You can set how often your phone prompts you to check in, 5 mins, 3 mins or hours. A message will come to screen and prompt you to respond. If you do not respond then we will begin the response plan.


Is there an alert button?

Yes. There are 2 buttons on the main screen of the app, one is for safety and the other is for medical, simply press and hold for 3 seconds. If you work as a carer or nurse you can actually make the medical button the primary. If you are often presented with high risk situations you may wish to make the safety the primary button.

Can I configure the sensitivity of the shake function?

Listening to users of older 3rd party devices this was a big issue where by the shake was too sensitive. We have put in a configuration option so each user can adjust the sensitivity based on their day to day life.

Do I need to unlock my phone to respond to timers?

Thanks to some great programing and the new functions in the latest phone software upgrades, timer responses can be actioned from the lock screen.

How does the App know what floor of a building I’m in?

GPS is getting better as it uses phone towers and WI-FI to improve location accuracy however we have added a notes section when starting a timer where exact location details can be added.

Should I let someone know if I change my hair colour?

We can keep on record some personal information including hair colour. We do this so we can give emergency services accurate descriptions of the person we are trying to find. Give our monitoring centre a call on 1300 365 151

I have personal details to update, who do I call to update my details in the system?

If you need help and we need to give responders a location and personal details we can do this from the records on file. Call the monitoring Centre to update the personal details on 1300 365 151

Are you tracking me all the time?

The only time we have access to live tracking is when you send us an alert. Once the Alert is started our monitoring centre operators will see your phones live position on a map.

What is a voice code and why is it important?

Voice codes are very important as it is your password to us. Quote the right voice code and we can update your details or cancel an alert. Quote the wrong one and we will begin to assume you are in a compromised situation. Make sure you use something you will always remember.


What if I don’t have my licence key?

If you do not have your licence key give the monitoring centre a call, quote your voice code and they will give you the key. Monitoring Centre can be called on 1300 365 151.


Is there a fast way to enter a manual address?

When setting a meeting or welfare timer there is a yellow icon on the right of the manual address field, click that and it will insert the address. Edit that for your precise location.


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