Free download

Download iOS and Android apps for free as well as all future updates.

Training Videos

3 very easy to follow training videos to have users up and running very quickly.

Training Manual

In app training manual easily downloaded as PDF to your device.

Phone Support

Mon-Fri 9-5 phone support and training by our Australian team.

Welfare Timer

Also known as the check in timer works better than other device false alarm prone ‘man down’ alerts.

Duty Notes

Add notes when setting a welfare timer to assist with responses. Notes such as level, room number or duty type.

Alert only Tracking

WorkSafe Guardian only tracks the user when their Smart Phone is in alert.

In App Testing

In the settings section of the app is an Alert Test. Users can trigger a alert test to check communications.

Shake Alert

When an app timer is running just shake the phone to trigger an alert, there is no need to unlock the phone. Shake settings can be customised in the app.

Safety and Medical Alerts

Safety and Medical alerts are triggered from pressing and holding buttons inside the app, each can have separate responses.

Voice Triggered Alerts

Siri and ‘OK Google’ have been integrated into WorkSafe Guardian to trigger alerts and respond to timers.

External Button

An external button will be added in October 2019, the button will indicate to the user if an alert was successful or not.

Reduce Their Risk and Yours.


No Extra Device Costs

As WSG is an app it utilises the employee’s Smartphone, reducing the costs of purchasing another device as well as the SIM costs.

Flexible Agreement Terms

Both contract term and payment terms are flexible, agreement terms can be from 12 months to 3 years and payments can be monthly, quarterly or annually.

Only Pay For Online Users

WSG agreements have built in mechanisms so that as staff levels move up and down companies only pay for the users online.

24/7 Monitoring

All WorkSafe Guardian users are professionally monitored 24/7 by our Australian emergency services approved monitoring centre.

Eliminates Call Ins

Many companies rely on staff and managers to act as a call in service night and day. With WSG the 24/7 monitoring eliminates the need for a company call in service.

Simple User Sign Up

WSG has taken the pain out of user sign up. The streamlined process can have staff using the app the day the agreement is signed.

Built In Hierarchy

The clients of WSG vary in size from single user companies to many hundreds of users. Our hierarchy system of escalations and reports is built to handle your needs.

Automatic Reports

Duty of care doesn’t end at providing employees WSG so we have automated reports sent to you to help manage user engagement.

Low Costs

Along with no setup costs WSG is built to reduce ongoing costs as the app user manages their alerts and timers, and also takes on user and escalation changes.

Increase Safety

With 24/7 Monitoring, multiple alert types and redundant infrastructure WSG increases your Lone Worker safety. Anyone can dial 000 but WSG knows their location, description and has the emergency experience.

100% Australian

WorkSafe Guardian is 100% Australian made and owned. From software development to servers and storage of data.

Shared Usage

We understand there is sometimes a need to share Smartphones.  WSG is flexible enough to allow for shared devices. All the same features and alerts are available however responses may slightly change.
    $0.00/ obligation free
    • Up to 5 users
    • Free download
    • 24/7 callback on alert only
    • Online training videos
    • Phone support
  • Full Response Trial
    $0.00/ obligation free
    • Up to 20 users
    • 1 month free
    • 24/7 Professional monitoring
    • Daily usage reports
    • 1 free security patrol
    $33.00 / user/month inc GST
    • Flexible agreement period
    • Mthly, qrtly or annual invoicing
    • Department based reports
    • Online training
    • 50% off security patrols
  • Enterprise
    Call for a Price
    $ASK/ tailored to your needs
    • Volume discounting
    • User frequency consideration
    • Free security patrols*
    • Account management
    • Management portal

* Quantity of free patrols will be negotiated on a per company basis.