Getting back into the office - are you prepared?

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Getting back into the office – are you prepared

We’re getting back to some form of normal, and for many that means transitioning back to the office.  It could be full time back to the office or a hybrid version.  Some days at the office and some at home.  But this could also be a hard prospect to face.  It might be welcome, or fill you with a sense of dread or anxiety.  So when it comes to getting back into the office – are you prepared?  Here’s three simple but important ways you can focus your energy and prepare yourself for the change.

Be kind to yourself, and others

At the end of the day, there has been a massive shift from what we know as normal.  For many around the world, their lives were thrown upside down in an instant.  So, as you adjust to a new routine or structure just remember to be kind to yourself and the people around you.  Acknowledging what has happened around the world and what you’ve endured is vital in moving forward.  We all shared this collective experience.  So, continuing to practice basic empathy and compassion towards yourself and the people around you, allows you to be more open.  Open to the fact that it may not be a perfect transition and it may well take some getting used to.

Take care of your mental health

While also being kind to yourself, understanding how to take care of your mental health is more important than ever.  As the world opens up we need to keep functioning and moving forward.  If you’re feeling unsure or have anxiety around returning to work – talk to someone!  Do not be afraid to let people know how you’re feeling.  More often than not you are not alone in your thoughts and fears.  The pandemic has really highlighted the importance of mental health and wellbeing both professionally and personally.  There are numerous resources available to provide support to both employers, employees and even on a personal level.  We are now understanding the impact that this has on our lives and how we can proactively look after ourselves.

Set yourself some boundaries

As we transitioned to working from home, many boundaries became confusing and often blurred.  Suddenly we were available at all times.  It became very difficult to separate working from just being at home.  Whereas moving back into the office can allow you to set boundaries.  Determine when you will be available and what communication method works best for you.  This brings some element of control back into your life.

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