Why Government Employees Need a Lone Worker Safety App

Why Government Employees Need a Lone Worker Safety App

Many government employees provide vital social services for their local communities. But this can make them easily recognisable faces around their local area. Often these Government employees are subject to scrutiny from customers whilst carrying out their duties at their place of work and further afield. Unfortunately, this can make them targets for unwanted attention and likewise, many local council employees are out and about working in isolated or remote areas alone.

While the chances of something going wrong when they are out and about might be relatively low, there is an element of peace of mind that a lone worker safety app can provide. A safety app also gives them the ability to raise an alert if they should need to.

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Who is at Risk?

There are many government personnel that are directly involved with  and around local communities, positions such as:

  • Local politicians
  • State politicians
  • Judges
  • Council workers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Government event managers/organisers
  • Traffic officers
4 ways for government employees to alert us of an issue with the Worksafe Guardian Safety App

Different Alerts for Each Need

Early in the development of the app WSG realised that not all lone workers are the same. While some need an automated check-in service, others need a duress alarm. But some just want to know that they could be found quickly in the event of an emergency. With this in mind, the WSG app was developed with 4 specific features:

  • Meeting Timer: E.g. set a timer if you are going to a meeting in someone’s home.
  • Shake to Activate: Shake the phone when the app is running to send an automatic notification.
  • Welfare Check: A reoccurring timer, set at intervals of your choosing, to replace DIY call-in arrangements.
  • Location Tuning: GPS and manual location services to ensure the fastest and most accurate response in the event of an emergency.

These features allow different departments to all get the features they need and they don’t need multiple devices.

Different Departments one app

Governments are one of the few organisations who have such a vast array of lone working staff, which is why a one size fits all solution isn’t the best idea. Politicians can use the safety shake if they find themselves in a threatening situation, while council workers can use the location tuning to make sure someone is always aware of their location as they move around. Healthcare providers can set a meeting timer before the do the home visit and traffic officers can use the reoccurring welfare check throughout their day.

Many portable safety devices come equipped with a duress button, but they lack the other features for a practical safety solution and most of these are expensive separate devices that become outdated quickly as well. An app has the benefit of regular updates and utilising the equipment you already have e.g. smartphones.

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WSG offers a no obligation free trial of the app, we believe the best way to see if the app is right for your situation is to try it out and there is no credit card or complicated cancellation required. You simply let us know if you would like to progress further. What have you got to lose, other than the risks? Talk to us today.

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