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WSG helps

Government and
Social Services

to manage compliance around the safety of employees working alone.

Our easy-to-use lone worker app is the perfect solution for workers delivering a range of public services. With WorkSafe Guardian, you can protect your workers 24/7.

WorkSafe Guardian supports government workers to be in control of their safety

How we help

WorkSafe Guardian helps many state & local government departments and social services to reduce their lone worker risk. These departments include waste management, parks and facilities, utilities, community care and transport.

The WSG Lone Worker Safety App provides government employees with a safety net, allowing them to be proactive about their welfare.

With the press of a button, shake of the phone or telling Siri “help help!”, an alert will be activated and a pre-determined response procedure will occur. This includes the possible dispatch of emergency services.

Government and Social Services that trust WorkSafe Guardian

Exceptional customer service, online videos and training materials. Great support when setting up the Lone Worker app. Excellent, access to people and resources which really helped. Everyone involved was responsive and very supportive.”

— WHS Leader, City of Port Adelaide Enfield

How it works

“WorkSafe Guardian is a well thought out product that has been designed to include all features needed to ensure our staff are safe when working in the community. The feedback from staff who are using WSG have been positive due to WSG being reliable and user friendly.”

— Jaye Garthwaite, Roseberry Qld

Safety & medical alert

At the touch of a button you can set off a safety or medical alert. Our team will follow a pre-determined response procedure and will have any pre-existing medical condition listed and know exactly what to do.

The need for WSG in Government & Social Services

increase in assaults on local council employees [1].
0 %
serious claims in 2019/2020 in the Government Industry in Australia [2].
increase of serious injuries in the Government industry in 2022 [3].
0 %

Welfare timer

With welfare check in timers, workers can be proactive about their safety. Workers can set their location, the time they want the timer to run for and any additional information.

In an emergency a quick shake of the phone will activate a safety alert and a response procedure will follow. If a user doesn’t acknowledge the end of the timer, the user will be contacted and a response procedure followed if the user is unreachable.

The key risks for Government & Social Service professionals


Many government workers face violence and aggression from community members.


Many employees travel long distances which makes it difficult to track if they are ok.

Injury or illness

Government professionals can suffer an injury or a medical episode.

Preventing Harm, WHS Harm, Protect Lone Workers, Reduce Harm, Lone Worker Safety


Working environment is always changing which comes with different risk factors.

Bluetooth Button

Workers can sometimes face volatile situations where they need to discreetly call for help. The WSG lone worker Bluetooth button is discreet and pairs directly to the WorkSafe Guardian app. Simply press and hold to activate an emergency safety alert.

WorkSafe Guardian - Lone Worker Bluetooth Button

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