Welcome, Julia to WorkSafe Guardian…

Worksafe Guardian is ecstatic to welcome Julia Jones-Wilson to the team. To give you all an idea of why, we asked Julia to tell everyone why she jumped at the chance to become apart of the WSG team.

Here’s what Julia had to say…

Worksafe Guardians new look medical alert feature one of the many reasons they are working to gain 5 levels of ISO certification

Before WorkSafe Guardian

As the newest member to WorkSafe Guardian I am excited to join this dynamic team. I’ve come from a background in hospitality with 10 years working for an international hotel group, then later in training and recruitment.

More recently, I’ve spent the last 16 years working for a software development company. The company is Australian owned and operated, specialising in the development of Point of Sale systems. During the first 9 years I was State Trainer for South Australia, then I moved into the role of National Training Manager. I spent that time implementing standard training and assessment programs for their products, training policies and documentation company wide.

I also spent 7 years working in the development team where I was involved first-hand as a Product Owner in developing their software for both legacy on-premise systems and their transition to a cloud platform.

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Joining the WorkSafe Guardian Team

This experience was invaluable as I was able to manage all aspects of a software project from the concept and wireframing stage, to high resolution prototypes and specifications for the software engineers to sink their teeth into. Watching a product go from a concept to public consumption is an extremely rewarding experience.

I jumped at the opportunity to join Greg Lindner and Adam Whittaker from the moment I heard about their product and their business. Being able to promote and provide such a quality product as Worksafe Guardian that puts employee safety at the forefront, provides peace of mind and can even save lives was what really drew me to the role.

A hand holds a small black iPhone the Workdsafe Guardian Lone Worker Check-in has appeared on the screen to make sure the lone worker is safe

5 Levels of ISO Certification

Adam and Greg’s experience in the security industry, along with a complete focus on quality and attention to detail in aspects of their business and product is something that I admire. This is evident for example, in their current goal of attaining 5 levels of ISO certification.

Another big selling point for me is the product and company are Australian made, owned and operated. WSG have also chosen a security monitoring centre in Australia that’s Grade A1 accredited, the highest level possible to provide service to their end users.

It’s an exciting time to join and help build this team. I’m looking forward to utilising my skills and experience to evolve the product, deliver quality features to market, maintain quality standards and customer service.

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