Our ISO Certifications and What They Mean

Why we began the journey to ISO certifications

There are thousands of benefits of achieving ISO certifications, but instead of spieling on about they mean here, we are going to tell you why WSG decided that ISOs would benefit not only us but our customers as well!  

WorkSafe Guardian is an Australian made and owned company that was created by leading security monitoring specialists whom have been working in the security sector for over 20 years cumulatively. At WSG, our customers security and safety is our main priority, it’s what we do! When dealing with security and personal safety matters it is necessary to see every customer as a member of your family and apply the same caution and care that you would want given to your family member. This is why, when it comes to such serious topics, it is simply not enough to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk, ensuring that when customers are using your app they know they are never working alone.

How we achieved certification  

December 2018 was the beginning of our two-year journey to achieve certificationTo be honest, the journey was long but so incredibly rewarding. Going for five ISO certifications at once is most certainly not common practice, but we were up for the challenge. After working closely with a compliance consultant for the past two years it was possible to identify the areas of business practices that required some refinement and formalisation. It is during this time that you realise that achieving the ISO’s is very possible providing that as a company, you take the time to focus on all of the aspects of daily business practicesIt is paramount to ensure that your end product or service is not only top quality, but that the systems and processes that enable you to deliver a continual standard of service is premium quality as well. WSG officially received all certifications in April of 2020 following our final external audit. 

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What we are certified in 

At this time WorkSafe Guardian became proudly certified across 5 International Standards, including the following: 

  • 9001:2015     –  Quality management systems 
  • 14001:2015   –  Environmental management systems 
  • 31000:2018  –  Risk management
  • 45001:2018  –   Occupational health and safety management systems
  • 27001:2013  –   Information security management systems

What the certifications mean 

Each of the above-mentioned ISO certifications represent an entire management system that is incorporated across all elements and practices of a businessTogether these individual management systems have been combined into one central integrated management manual which guides our business decisions 

What they mean for us as a company 

By having such comprehensive formalised systems, the WSG team have total peace of mind knowing that all elements of their safety, risk, day to day work activities, processes and environment have been thoroughly assessed to ensure best practice. 

What they mean for our customers

In todays ever-changing world, having the ISO certifications shows WSG’s commitment to long-term customer satisfaction and maintaining a product that remains relevant and beneficial to organisations. WSG has always made the conscious decision to invest in long-term, strong relationships with top tier providers, a decision that has been further cemented through formal processes. Meaning that the longevity and quality of the WSG service can always be assured. By having the ISO 27001 Information Security system in particular, we illustrate to our clients that as a company we are applying best practice to the security of their information and putting into place contingency plans to minimise the impact of information technology related issues.    

It has now been 3 months since receiving certification and the positive impacts of the ISO’s on our daily business processes is unbelievable. The transition to working alongside our integrated management system was surprisingly easy and has ensured that business improvements are continual with routine reflection to ensure that we as a company are moving forward in the correct direction for not only our customers, but our employees and suppliers as well.

Whilst embarking on this level of professionalism does require significant financial investment, the result is a symbol of commitment and dedication to world’s best practise.
If given the choice between 2 suppliers of similar products and one has ISO accreditation’s relevant to the product and the other supplier does not, it would be prudent to go with the supplier who has the accreditation. The why is simple, they have taken the effort to document the systems they have in place so that they can be replicated, maintained, reviewed and audited regularly as to provide the best service and product they can.

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