Let Your Staff Use It 24/7

Let Your Staff Use It 24/7

Most safety procedures that are put in place at work are based on work health safety (WHS) compliance and the thought of using these procedures during personal times is almost unheard of, especially when it comes to lone worker personal safety, it is unlikely you would check-in with the boss before and after a morning run. WSG, on the other hand, has a unique approach to personal safety. Lone worker personal safety is more than a 9-5 WHS tick for an employer, and it’s our philosophy is to provide a new level of safety for companies. There are 16 hours a day when you’re not at work, and there are undoubtedly times when a personal safety app can provide some much-needed peace of mind.

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Our Business is 24/7 and so is Lone Worker Personal Safety

Not all businesses are 9-5, in fact, a lot of business’ are becoming more flexible with their 8-hour working day. For that reason, we are there 24/7. We have seen a high uptake of WSG for businesses that are not 9-5, where lone worker personal safety solutions are more frequently required. Due to this, we are always there. If you’re checking the grape vines at 5:30 am or walking the perimeter of a building site at 10:30 pm. Even if you have an emergency call out at 4 am there is someone there to respond.

This also means that we are happy for you to use that app at any time. If you want to set the app at 6 am when you go for a pre-work run that’s great. Or walking back to your hotel after an interstate business dinner, the applications are wide and varied. There’s no extra cost to the business or to the user, and you’re not disturbing anyone from a restful morning. WSG can customise your response procedures depending on if you are inside work hours or not. Our main concern is that people stay safe, that’s our bottom line, and safety is 24/7.

A young woman with dark hair and wearing a black and white running top, is running through some trees, the sun is shinning through them suggesting that it is late in the day. She is holding her mobile phone in her hand and has headphones in, her WSG lone worker personal safety app is running in the background while her phone acts as a personal safety device and a source of music.

The Value of Employee Safety

Employee safety has far-reaching benefits, the kind that extends past WHS compliance. For example, people are more likely to stay in a job where they feel they are valued and what better way is there to show your staff how much you value them by providing them with a personal safety app. It shows that your employees mean more to the company than just a cog in the wheel.

Likewise, the cost of injuries to a business is well noted, but injuries don’t always happen at work. While an app can’t prevent an injury, it can save precious time in locating and treating someone in an emergency situation. Minutes, even seconds can make the difference between a minor incident and a serious injury sometimes. Even if someone rolled their ankle and bumped their head leaving them unable to use their phone to call for help, the app will register their location and if they don’t check-in when they are supposed to the team at our monitoring centre will start the process to check on their welfare and send help.

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There Is Nothing To Lose Except the Risks

There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain, when you supply your team with a lone worker personal safety app like WSG. Whether they are going to off-site meetings, hosting open homes, checking on cattle, or going for a weekend hike, the WSG app can be there to give everyone that extra peace of mind that you can’t put a price on.

A man dressed in running clothes is running alone down a dirt track, there are barren looking trees to his left suggesting that it is a bright winters day. There is no other people or buildings insight showing his personal safety could be at risk just the same as lone worker personal safety, making the WSG app the perfect solution.

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