The Importance of Personal Safety for Real Estate Professionals

The Importance of Personal Safety for Real Estate Professionals

While being a real estate agent or property manager may not seem to be the riskiest of professions, it’s very nature means that agents are often out of the office. They are at client’s properties, or meeting with prospective clients on their own. It’s common for employees from many different industries to be expected to perform these type of duties. But it needs to become more common for their employers to provide necessary safety measures.

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Increased Risks for Real Estate Professionals

Every time employees head out for offsite meetings the risks to their personal safety change, and in many regards increase. On many occasions, real estate agents and property managers have experienced verbal and physical abuse during their day. Many incidents don’t get reported as the end result is a scare not a hospital visit or a police investigation.

Meeting anonymous buyers or renters alone cannot be seen as anything other than a serious potential hazard. In fact, the Government of WA published a Guidance Note on Working Alone, they encompass many of Australia’s standard rules and regulations, in which they point out the biggest risk to those who work alone is other people. Meaning, members of the public or clients.

Personal safety for real estate professionals requires you to consider their daily activities. Picture one on the top left corner is real estate agent Sarah, starting her day while it is still dark by going for a morning run, she is setting her WSG lone worker app to ensure that she is safe while doing so. Second picture to the right of this is Sarah as she returns safe and happy from her run and the the light has changed and you can see it is now full morning. Below to the left is a picture of the real estate agent at her office, she is working alone and you can see from the clock in the background that it is now 8 pm, she is looking to the right and holding in her hand her smartphone that holds her WSG lone worker app, she can call for help instantly if she feels threatened in any way. To the right of this is the final picture of the real estate agent setting her lone worker app before she gets out of her car alone to attend a routine inspection, you can see from the clipboard in her hands that she has an inspection check-list ready to go.

Personal Advertising

Personal advertising is another reason risks can increase for real estate professionals in particular. In the past, personal advertising may have taken the form of a photo on a business card. But with the explosion of social media many new and far-reaching personal advertising opportunities arose. With so much personal information made readily available the risk of stalking or harassment become a bigger concern.

Reasonable Safety Measures for Personal Safety for Real Estate

“An employer shall provide and maintain so far as is reasonably practicable for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.” [Section 21(1)]

So, what are reasonably practicable safety measures for real estate professionals? While personal advertising is an important part of a modern real estate professional’s portfolio, it’s important to limit the amount of personal information made available. For example, leave an office number instead of a mobile number. If the agent is out of the office they can always leave a message to be returned. Alternatively, if they spend a lot of time on the road, have a desk phone divert directly to a mobile.

Most important, is a procedure in place for if the agent feels threatened or unsafe in some way. Due to the fact that smartphones are the most common accessory in the business world, a professionally monitored lone worker safety app is the perfect solution.

Why Use a Safety App for Personal Safety

A professionally monitored safety app, like the Worksafe Guardian app, has multiple alert methods to ensure that employees feel safe no matter what the situation. Worksafe Guardian also ensures that any location tracking only takes place in the event of an alert. Meaning that the privacy of the agents day to day activity is intact. We believe that safety is about people first, but we also strongly believe in personal privacy That is why  WSG decided not to provide live tracking to employers. That’s not our job, all WSG is interested in is the safety and security of the people out working alone.

Meeting Timers

One of the greatest benefits of the WSG app for personal safety is the meeting timer. An agent can set a timer for any amount of time, from 10 minutes to 24 hours, at the end of that time, the app will prompt them to check in. If they fail to do so the monitoring centre will begin the process of checking on their welfare.

DIY call in arrangements between the office and the agent are sometimes recommended, but these kinds of arrangements are as big a threat to personal safety as no arrangement at all. If the agent fails to call in would anyone notice? Is there a set time frame for calls? Who is responsible for monitoring the time frame? Since each person in the office has their own duties to manage, these kind of DIY arrangements are more often than not ineffective.

Protect the Safety of Your Employees

Make sure that you keep your employees safe first and foremost. Whether they are in the office, out performing an inspection, or showing a new home. People are the most valuable asset that a company holds and it’s time to start protecting them properly.

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