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What is Privacy?

Privacy is a fundamental human right that serves as the foundation on which many other rights are built. Privacy is hard to define, but at its most basic, privacy allows us to protect ourselves from an unjust use of power. 

Privacy generally refers to the right: 

  • to be free from interference
  • to associate freely with who you want
  • to have control over who can see and/or use information about you

There are a few different types of privacy, including:

  • Physical Privacy 
  • Privacy from Surveillance
  • Information Privacy

When we talk about information privacy , we are generally referring to the relationship between the collection and use of data. Information privacy covers the protection of your personal information and is currently regulated by the Australian Government using the Privacy Act 1988.

How important is Privacy?

According to the 2020 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Security Survey (ACAPS), privacy is a major concern for a majority of Australians, with many desiring more control over the collection and use of their personal information. ACAPS also shows that privacy is the leading consideration when choosing an App or program to download, ahead of both convenience and price. 

Read the 2020 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Security Survey

What is WSG's relationship with Privacy?

We understand that people are more likely to have confidence in a service and trust that their information is safe if a business adheres to privacy practices and shows care with their personal data, which is why privacy is the cornerstone to WorkSafe Guardian. Our App is built around protecting the privacy of our users, and that follows through to every aspect of our work behind the scenes. At WSG, privacy = trust. We adhere to ISO Standards for Quality Management, Risk, Environment, Health and Safety, and Information Security. 

What do we do to protect your information?

As part of our Integrated Management System (IMS), we have policies in place which are in accordance with the International Standards, The Privacy Act 1988, and Australian Privacy Principles. The IMS ensures that our practices are reviewed regularly to make sure we continue to remain compliant and address any new risks. Any information that we collect is stored within our privately owned servers, located in Australia. 

There are 3 primary ways in which we ensure that our service remains secure from hacking attacks, viruses and data breaches:

If you want to find out more about how we collect and use personal information, click on the below link to view our privacy policy.

WorkSafe Guardian Privacy Policy

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