The Reality of Employee Safety not the Hollywood Version

The Truth About Employee Safety

Okay, so the shocking truth about employee safety is… it’s not very exciting and that’s the way we like it! What if employee safety were like a Hollywood movie? It would be all about employee abductions or anxiously awaiting ransom money while tied to a chair. The truth is, employee safety has a lot more to do with employee GPS tracking than anything else. All in all, employee safety is at its best when it’s uneventful. We count every day without a major incident as a success.

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It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing


You might be thinking why do you need a safety app if nothing ever happens. Employee safety measures might not be as exciting as a movie, but there are still times when you need it. Worksafe Guardian’s job is to be there for you just in case. WSG has trained operators who are there to guide employees in the event of an emergency. Deciding on the best course of action during a minor emergency isn’t always instinctive. Many of these situations can and do occur in everyday life across many industries. For example, a snake bites a council employee while mowing long grass, or a tow-truck goes to pick up an abandoned car and it rolls back on them. Alternatively, a delivery man rolls his ankle, a dog bites a utility meter reader, or a painter falls off his ladder. These things happen on a near daily basis and what a safety app gives you is peace of mind. Peace of mind that someone will know, an alert will activate and the appropriate help will be sent. As long as they have a lone worker app or device.


Simple Scenarios Can Escalate


Most of the situations we deal with on a day-to-day basis are not Hollywood worthy. But some situations can escalate from simple to dangerous far quicker than expected. For example, a delivery man rolling his ankle may not seem like a big deal, but what if he knocked his head as he fell and couldn’t make a phone call? Or, what if he managed to break his ankle in the process and his phone is still in the car? How long would he have to wait for help? Or, how much pain would it cause him to get back to the car? It doesn’t take a great imagination to come up with many scenarios for the one incident. By providing your employees with a safety solution you can avoid some of these risks. If a welfare timer is set, WSG will start the process of checking their welfare if they don’t check in. Alternatively, a quick shake of the phone or press of a button can have the process get underway immediately.


Lone working delivery diver is about to check-in with his smartphone lone worker app, given to him to improve transport worker safety, he holds his black smartphone in his right hand and a small box under his left arm. He stands in front of a white delivery van and a red delivery trolley with larger boxes sits to his left hand side.

Employee GPS Tracking Without the Spying

Employee GPS tracking is also not like a Hollywood spy movie. The goal of GPS tracking is to make sure that employees can be located in the event of an emergency. The monitoring centre does not see where you are driving or if you stop for a coffee, it does see when an alert is triggered. WSG’s only concern is that employees are safe. Which is why our app only sends the GPS location information when an alert is activated. We only need to find you if you’re in trouble. WSG works on the premise that safety is about people. Which means we want people to feel comfortable using the app. It’s not mission impossible, but it could be the best decision your company makes.


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