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Is The Safety Industry Here Purely To Stymie The Human Imagination?


“It’s quite amazing how hard the subconscious works when it is made to understand that this life is not a rehearsal, there is no safety net and no assurance of any final closure. It is also quite appalling to realise how catatonic the imagination can become when we hedge our bets, opt for the safer direction at every fork in the path.” John Burdett.

Life is certainly not a rehearsal. But despite a disturbingly common misconception about the safety industry’s sole purpose being to destroy fun, the safety industry exists to help people push their boundaries and come home safely to their families at the end of it.


What Is The Safety Industry Really About?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the safety industry isn’t about numbers. It’s not about how many people were injured at work this year or how many working hours were lost. It’s not about how much this has cost companies across various industries. Safety isn’t about legal requirements either. They are there, certainly, and it does pay to heed them if you don’t want to be landed with a hefty fine. But, again, this all relates back to numbers.

So, what is safety all about if it’s none of those things? It’s about people. It comes down to the desire that every person goes home safely to their families at the end of the day. It is easy to forget this simple fact when we spend too much time focusing on the numbers.

Yes, each time an employee is injured at work more numbers are added to these various lists. Eventually, when there are enough numbers on these lists, people stop and start paying attention. Actions are taken, procedures are put in place, and sometimes laws are made.

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The Safety Industry’s Biggest Misconception.

The biggest barrier many safety professionals face is this preconceived idea that they simply want to suck the fun out of everything. But where does this misconception come from? It could be from the fact that we focus too much on the numbers. There’s not enough focus on the people behind them. Or the value that safety adds to life and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

We would argue that the safety industry, in fact, puts the fun into things. Many people believe that activities like skydiving and bungy jumping are great fun. But imagine that there were no safety requirements. Imagine people were dying or having serious accidents every second day doing these activities. Would people still view them as fun activities?

Likewise, what if workplaces were devoid of safety regulations? How happy would you be to send your loved ones off each day? Creating great things, like high rise buildings, or large agricultural endeavours, requires practical safety measures. Not least of all so that the people that are working on them are there to see their great work completed.

In this we would say that safety is about allowing people to push themselves, to step outside of their comfort zone, to completely unleash their imagination. Because John Burdette was right, life is not a rehearsal, but without the safety industry, that is when our imagination is left in a catatonic state. With realistic safety measures, we can reach the true potential of our imagination.

Why We Do What We Do.

Worksafe Guardian’s aim is just to be there if Australians need us. That’s why we developed an app because people are more likely to have their phone with them than any other piece of personal safety equipment. It’s non-intrusive, as we only monitor your location if you set off an alert. WSG is about people, we want all people to go to work feeling safe, especially lone workers or those who work out of their offices. Not only that, but we want your loved ones to know that they are safe as well and if there is an accident that a trained professional will be alerted. Everyone deserves that peace of mind when they go to work, feeling safe is what allows people to reach the full potential of their imagination.

Personal safety for real estate professionals requires you to consider their daily activities. Picture one on the top left corner is real estate agent Sarah, starting her day while it is still dark by going for a morning run, she is setting her WSG lone worker app to ensure that she is safe while doing so. Second picture to the right of this is Sarah as she returns safe and happy from her run and the the light has changed and you can see it is now full morning. Below to the left is a picture of the real estate agent at her office, she is working alone and you can see from the clock in the background that it is now 8 pm, she is looking to the right and holding in her hand her smartphone that holds her WSG lone worker app, she can call for help instantly if she feels threatened in any way. To the right of this is the final picture of the real estate agent setting her lone worker app before she gets out of her car alone to attend a routine inspection, you can see from the clipboard in her hands that she has an inspection check-list ready to go.

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