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24/7 Personal Safety

Feel good knowing your staff have unlimited access 24/7. Have this new alert installed on your phone and start feeling safer and more secure today.

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Just SHAKE it!

Whatever the situation is that has impacted on your safety shake the phone when a timer is running and know a fully trained professional will contact you immediately.

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Management Report

As WorkSafeGuardian is an investment in your employees welfare, this report is an effective management tool to ensure the correct use of the application.

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Not Sure Exactly Where to Start When It Comes To Lone Worker Safety?
Let Us Walk You Through The Process From Start To Finish.

Everyone needs this for different reasons

Everytime we put on the news it feels like there is another bad situation. WorkSafeGuardian is a safety app for the welfare of the user with several ways of alerting the monitoring centre of an incident.


Duty of Care

WorkSafeGuardian delivers a product that assists with some of the responsibilities that comes with WHS legislation.


Backed 24/7

Use this app during the day at work or set the timer in your personal life when you go for a run. We want you using it 24/7. Safety is not 9 to 5.

Your 24/7 responder

WorkSafeGuardian takes on the responsibility of the appointed person in your business on call. Leaving your staff to enjoy their personal time.

Confirm your location

When setting a timer or starting a welfare check the app will confirm your location. If you are entering a multi floor building you can tune your location e.g. level 5 room 505.

Reducing Costs but not quality

WorkSafeGuardian is cost effective as the Admin is low, the monthly fees are low and we are the “buddy” for your lone workers.

Multiple alert methods

Different situations will call for different alert methods. Meeting timers, welfare checks, shake to alert and the safety button are all methods used to alert us.


The WorkSafeGuardian app is a free download for both Apple and Android devices. Contact us if you have any queries.

Available for download from the Apple Store for free.

Available for download from Google Play for free.

Council working working alone in a park having a heart attack getting iPhone or Android smart phone out of pocket to use WSG lone worker safety app to press the medical alert button

Custom Responses

The WorkSafeGuardian app provides an immediate response once the alarm is activated by attempting to contact the employee. If the employee does not answer our response call, the employer’s response plan is followed. This may incorporate contacting supervisors, managers or emergency services.

Within the configuration of the app the user can set Medical or Safety as the primary alert. The monitoring Centre will deal with each one separately according to the users instructions.

We gather some personal information and it is up to you how much you give us. Rest assured what you give us is held securely and only accessible to the monitoring centre staff.

Know they are safe know they are ok

The WorkSafeGuardian app is a cost-effective way to increase the safety and security of your workforce. It lets your employees know you’re doing all you can to take extra care of their wellbeing 24/7.

This app provides your employees with a tool that enables them to be proactive towards their safety, if faced with a situation they can also send an instant alert.

These alerts may arise from situations involving;

  • A client
  • A stranger
  • A medical emergency
  • An accident going to or from work
Health care worker in the home of a patient shadowed figure in the door way health care worker hand over iPhone or Android phone ready to press safety alert on the WSG lone worker safety app

Download and have WorkSafeGuardian running in minutes?

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