Something that should never happen to anyone

Personal safety threats are rear but they do happen

At WSG we make a conscious effort to avoid doom and gloom statements because the reality of our product is most of our alerts are for minor personal safety and injury incidents. This does not mean we ignore the extreme situations where a severe threat to people’s personal safety occurs.

Protect Your Lone Workers

We don’t need a personal safety device, that will never happen to us…

Due to the nature of our product being so new we tend to go to the market instead of the market coming to us which means there is a lot of old-fashioned phone work. We call WHS representatives within businesses to advise them about our product and where possible make a time to meet and give a demonstration of the app.

I became a little concerned during a sales meeting this week as there is a genuine pushback of “that will never happen to us because we work in a safe industry”. The professionals I am referring to are Real Estate agents and Property Managers. Forward facing people that are always in stranger’s homes and mostly working by themselves. There is a big part of me that wants to present every one of these people with this article from The Age on the 17th of Sep 2005 where’

“—— was found face down in a bath at the vacant two-storey house in Milverton Street, Melton.

The mother of two, who lived locally and worked at Elders Real Estate in Melton, left her High Street office about noon on Thursday for an inspection at the house at 12.15pm. Her colleagues raised the alarm when she did not return to work by 5 pm, and police found her body after 7 pm.”

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A real estate agent stands outside of an apartment block, she has a clipboard containing her inspection report in her hands. Also in her hand is her smartphone which doubles as a personal safety device with the WSG app installed on it.

Protect lone workers with modern technology

Although these situations are rare they do happen and there are technologies and devices out there today at a low cost to assist in situations like this.

The use of a personal safety app like Worksafe Guardian would allow someone to lock themselves in a bathroom or a bedroom and raise the alert. Setting the welfare timer and having the shake to alert ready to go without even having to log into the device gives someone a better chance against these unpredictable situations.

An industry such as Real Estate, where employees are required to work alone and outside of the office, they should have a personal alert that notifies a professional monitoring centre if they are in trouble as well as their location. This takes the responsibility away from the employer who no longer needs to take calls 24/7 but also gives peace of mind that if their employee is in trouble they have a way of raising an alert to a professional that will follow an action plan. In the event that they are using their welfare timer and something happens to prevent raising the alert with a shake or a press of the safety button the timer will expire and automatically raise the alert for them.

With over 20 years experience we have seen it all when it comes to personal safety

At WSG we have over 20 years’ experience in monitoring homes, businesses, vehicles and personal safety devices and when we hear the words “it will never happen to us” or “our industry is safe” we know of times when this is not true and it can happen to anyone. Using a personal safety alert professionally monitored could be the difference if you or your employees were faced with a threatening situation!

Protect Your Lone Workers

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