Tradespeople, Would Anyone Know if you were Injured?

Tradespeople, Would Anyone Know if you Were Injured While Working Alone?

Would anyone know if you were injured? This is an important question for tradespeople when you consider that Safework Australia claims that 35 construction employees are seriously injured every day here in Australia. In these situations, time can be the difference between a serious accident and a fatal accident. The average number of fatalities is 36 per year, the good news is that is decreasing. But the goal is to make sure that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day. Safety is about people first and foremost.

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How a Lone Worker Safety Solution Can Help Tradespeople

When you are working alone there are often hours between contact with other people. This is especially true for trades as they work in roofs, under homes and in restricted spaces. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it also means if a tradesperson was injured there could be hours before someone knew. With a monitored safety solution, a worker can set a “Welfare Timer”. This means that if they fail to check in someone will start looking for them.

If someone was working alone for they day and injured themselves 20 minutes into the job who would know? If they were in some way incapacitated due to that injury it could be another 3 hours before someone even starts to wonder where they are. Even then, they may assume that you are running late, or worse, they may be caught up in their own work and not miss the person at all for another few hours.

It becomes a very long time to be injured and alone. Time often makes the difference with serious injuries. If someone collapses from sunstroke, for example, not getting help in time can leave you paralysed. A lone worker safety solution significantly decreases risks, even if they are unable to raise an alert the location tracking will enable emergency services to find them quickly.

The Benefits of a Lone Worker Safety Solution for Trade Companies

The obvious benefit is the added safety of the trade companies staff. But, if you need further convincing how about the fact that 6.4 weeks is the typical amount of time tradespeople take off work after a serious claim. It’s not necessary to highlight exactly how much that can cost a company, it’s a lot. The average compensation payment is $10,200 alone.

A lone worker safety solution also adds to a positive safety culture within the company. Giving employees the right tools to use is a cooperative approach to safety. It also helps to engage staff with their own safety.

Why Small Trade Businesses Need a Lone Worker Safety Solution

Small trade businesses need a lone worker safety solution as much, if not more than large companies. Most small businesses cannot afford large payouts for compensation, nor can they afford to take large amounts of time off work without significant financial repercussions. Protecting the safety of themselves and their team is extremely important.

Peace of Mind

A lone worker safety solution provides pace of mind to both employees and their loved ones. That’s something that you cannot put a price on.

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