Who Ever Thinks About the Poor Farmer?

So Many Farming Accidents are Preventable.

There are too many heartbreaking stories every year about families who have lost loved ones in farming and agriculture accidents. They are even more tragic when you consider how many of these accidents were probably easily preventable. According to new research from safetysolutions.net.au simple solutions can make all the difference. In fact, by using these simple safety solutions almost half of farming deaths could be prevented. That is a lot of loved ones still with their families and a lot of heartache saved.

The article goes on to say that in 2013 there were 48 deaths in agriculture, forestry and fishing combined. These deaths equated for a quarter of workplace deaths that year.

Personal Safety for Farmers can Start Right Here

Workplace Health & Safety Saves Lives

Workplace health and safety, if not followed, can end tragically while taking basic steps can help to prevent these deaths. Worksafe Guardian is just one simple and cost-effective step in helping with better workplace safety. Worksafe Guardian believes that safety is about people, and sometimes the people you need to think about most are your family. Workplace safety is there to protect workers, but also to protect the families of these workers from the heartbreak of serious accident.

Improving Safety Attitudes

The first step and the hardest is trying to change attitudes about safety. In the case of the Safety Solutions article ( click here ) they suggest that “strong leadership and positive attitudes from key people would go a long way to creating a culture of safety in the primary industries.” A positive safety culture needs to be built industry-wide in this case. Safety culture can be a microclimate within organisations, but this issue goes deeper and a massive shift in thinking is required here.

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