WSG Duress Alarm

Made and Monitored in Australia

No Badges, tags or extra devices needed, simply download the app to your smartphone.
“The app is simple to use and the set-up process is equally easy. Even if the staff don’t need to use it regularly having it there is peace of mind that they can talk to someone, that someone will ring them if they set off an alert.”

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You’ll never work alone with the WSG Duress App

With operators monitoring the WorkSafe Guardian app around the clock, you can relax knowing you and your workers are in safe hands.
Safety Alerts

At the push of a button you can set off a safety alert and the team at our professional monitoring centre will jump into action.

Smart phone duress and safety app
Remote worker safety apps

Welfare Check In

This is a re-occurring timer that prompts you to checkin and let us know you’re okay. No more manual checkin procedures required!

Meeting Timer

You can set a timer from minutes to hours. If you don’t check in when the timer expires  monitoring centre will check on your welfare.

Check in welfare timer
Medical alerts Australia
Medical Alert
At the touch of a button you can set off a medical alert. Our team will have any pre-existing medical condition listed and know exactly what to do.

Want to know more about the WSG Duress Alarm

Duress Features

The WSG Duress App Works with both Android and iPhone. Peace of mind for you and your team with no expensive extra devices required.

  1. Location Tuning: GPS isn’t always accurate, WSG also allows for manual location entry just to be sure.
  2. Voice Activation: Our latest update allows for voice activation of the safety and medical alert features.
  3. Shake to Activate: You can even shake your phone to set off a duress alarm in an emergency.
  4. Professional: The WorkSafe Guardian duress app is monitored by a team of highly trained professionals.