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Protect Your Lone Workers

with Australia's 1st Lone Worker Safety App

Our easy-to-use lone worker app is the perfect solution for professionals. With WorkSafe Guardian, you can protect your lone workers 24/7.

WorkSafe Guardian supports lone workers and people working alone to be in control of their safety.

Fulfil your duty of care with our Lone Worker Safety App

Protecting your staff who may be at risk whilst at work is vital for a safe workplace. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your lone workers while they work, travel, or meet clients alone. Lone workers face numerous risks, including accidents, injuries, and violence. Without the ability to signal for help in an emergency, the situation can quickly escalate.

The WorkSafe Guardian app gives employers peace of mind by providing lone workers with the ability to raise a safety or medical alarm in an emergency and allows them to check-in once they have finished a lone working session.

Organisations that trust WorkSafe Guardian to keep their lone workers safe

Features of the WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker App

In case of any safety threats or medical emergencies encountered while working alone, lone workers can quickly activate a safety or medical alert. This action triggers our professional response centre to swiftly respond and ensure safety and well-being of lone workers.

This is a reoccurring timer that prompts lone workers to check-in using a timer that they can set and control throughout a lone worker session. 

Allows a lone worker to simply shake their phone, while a welfare timer is running, to trigger an alert without the need to unlock their device.

Siri is integrated with WorkSafe Guardian to trigger alerts and interact with timers.

A discreet wearable button paired directly to the WorkSafe Guardian app. Simply press and hold to activate an emergency safety alert.

Employers can set up defined locations with custom notifications that alert lone workers when they enter or exit, with corresponding messaging or reminders.

Features of the WorkSafe Guardian Duress App

WorkSafe Guardian helps businesses like yours to...

Comply with Lone Worker Legislation with the WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker Safety App


Comply with legal requirements to keep lone workers safe.

Protect Your Lone Workers with the WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker Safety App


Provide lone workers with safety tools to protect themselves.

Reduce Resources Needed to Manage Lone Workers with the WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker Safety App


Reduce the typical resource demands for lone workers.

“The WSG app has provided a user-friendly lone worker option that has been embraced by everyone. Having a great user-friendly app is one thing, but the dedication, patience, and knowledge and “always ready to help” attitude of ALL the WSG staff that I have EVER had contact with has really made the product from a 5-star rating to well beyond.”

— Mark Wagner, Botanical Resources

Advantages of a Lone Worker Safety App

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WorkSafe Guardian is purpose-built as a dedicated lone worker safety app on your lone workers' work or personal smartphones, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This familiarity with their own devices ensures an intuitive user experience. WorkSafe Guardian offers lone workers a user-friendly interface and essential features, including a welfare timer and easy alert activation.


Unlike non-smartphone personal safety devices, WorkSafe Guardian, a dedicated safety app designed for lone workers, utilises location data only when an alert is activated. The lone worker safety app offers a live map feature for lone workers to assess accuracy and allows manual location input, such as '39 Main Street, Level 12, West Meeting Room.' This precision is crucial during emergencies, as it enables our Response Centre to guide emergency services accurately and swiftly to the lone worker's location.

Understand your requirements as an employer.

Cost Effective

Deploying an app like WorkSafe Guardian can be the most cost-efficient choice for your organisation, especially considering the prevalence of smartphones among lone workers. Unlike other lone worker devices and hardware, there are no upfront costs involved. WorkSafe Guardian offers a highly cost-effective solution specifically designed for lone workers.

Managing Lone Worker Safety with an App.

Management System

WorkSafe Guardian's dedicated lone worker app and management dashboard streamline the safety and supervision of lone workers. All historical lone worker activities are securely stored and easily managed. User-friendly tools empower you to oversee lone workers, generate reports, and integrate with management tools. Our comprehensive platform consolidates data in an intuitive dashboard, aiding in lone worker safety, human resources, and compliance.

Simply transform any smart device into a reliable lone worker safety tool

The WorkSafe Guardian app offers a seamless user experience, providing quick and easy access to lone worker safety features that can be easily integrated into daily workflows.

Installing the app is simple as it can be easily added to your lone workers smart devices that are always within reach and fully charged, ensuring optimal usage and minimal user resistance.

Unlike a separate lone worker device, the app is always on hand, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to implement a lone worker safety solution.

24/7 Response Centre

The purpose of WorkSafe Guardian’s monitored solution is to relieve your organisation’s responsibility to be available 24/7 and keep lone workers safe at work.

All alerts are actioned by our licensed and trained professionals at the WSG Response Centre.

Our purpose-built Response Centre is approved by all relevant emergency services around Australia and is accredited ASIAL ‘Grade A1’ – the highest possible rating under the Australian Standards.

WorkSafe Guardian App | Lone Worker App | Lone Worker Phone App | Man Down Alarm | Man Down App | Duress App | Keeping employees safe at work
WorkSafe Guardian App | Lone Worker App | Lone Worker Phone App | Man Down Alarm | Man Down App | Duress App | Keeping employees safe at work
WorkSafe Guardian App | Lone Worker App | Lone Worker Phone App | Man Down Alarm | Man Down App | Duress App | Keeping employees safe at work

The Only Lone Worker Safety Business to Achieve 5 ISO Certificates

Protecting lone workers while upholding rigorous governance standards is our priority. WorkSafe Guardian is proud to be the only lone worker safety business with 5 international standard certifications, including ISO/IEC27001 for Information Security Management Systems. Our commitment to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability aligns seamlessly with your risk mitigation and governance needs.

Rest assured, user privacy and data security are central to our solution. Personal information is securely stored and location is accessed only during emergencies, eliminating tracking concerns. All data is hosted on our Australian servers, ensuring both employee safety and data integrity.

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