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WorkSafe Guardian Pricing Plans

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Dedicated account management WSG works closely with enterprise organisations to deliver on specific business requirements and integrations.

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App Features

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Welfare Check-in Timer

Confirm your location & set duration to start a countdown timer. If you fail to check in, WSG will contact you immediately to check on your welfare.

Location / Activity Notes

Include additional info such as building level/room number or journey info, this will assist WSG to pinpoint your exact location.

Safety / Duress / Medical Alert

Activate safety (duress) and medical alerts at the press of a button.

Shake / Voice to Activate Alert

Activate a safety alert by shaking the phone whilst a welfare timer is in session, or you can utilise voice commands via Siri and Hey Google for a complete hands free alert!

In App Test Alert

Test network connectivity at any time of the day or night with the test alert feature.

Discreet Bluetooth Button

Activate an alert or interact with timers with our optional compact and discreet integrated bluetooth button.



Favourite Locations

Save regular locations into your “Favourites” on the app. Quick launch welfare timers from a stored favourite location.

Geofence Notifications

Reminder notifications to start or stop a welfare timer when you’re entering or exiting a saved favourite location.

Siri Shortcuts for iPhone

Using Siri Shortcuts from the WSG App you can not only use voice commands, but you can add shortcuts to trigger alerts or interact with Welfare Timers from your iPhone or Apple Watch!


24/7 Escalated Emergency Response

Trained security licensed professionals are available to respond to your alerts 24/7 365, as per our agreed response plans.

Private Security Response

WSG partners with a national private security provider to dispatch licensed guards on alerts if elected by organisations response plan.



Management Portal

Data Encrypted at Rest/Transit

All Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and is secured in Australia on privately owned redundant servers, not offshore.

2 Factor Authentication

The Management Portal is protected by strict password criteria and 2 factor authentication to prevent unwarranted access.

User Permissions / Unlimited Departments

Multiple roles can be assigned to portal users granted by users with admin permissions. The number of teams/departments is unlimited.

Auto App User Onboarding

Staff onboarding is automated via the portal with user registration and confirmation workflows.

Escalation Contact Management

Create, manage and educate each department’s escalation contacts to cater for staff changes.

Portal Help Function

Inbuilt context sensitive help file with access to topics and specific functions on the screen you are using, or navigate to other topics.

Reports - Usage and Alerts

On demand or scheduled excel reports containing usage and user activity.

Restricted Access Permissions

Let your managers take responsibility for their own teams by allocating restricted access by department. Provides security for your portal and minimises mistakes.

Geofence Region Notifications

Use Geofencing to define regions your employees visit, with app reminders on entry and exit. Handy reminders to your employees to adhere to policy, procedures or start welfare check-in timers when entering potentially high-risk or known black spot areas.

Preset Email Templates

Customise the email content sent to your users from the management portal. Add logos, insert links to documents or internal training material. Utilise training videos provided by WSG.


Training Videos

Range of short training videos including tutorials that illustrate how to get the best out of WSG, customisation is also available.

App/Portal Support - Business Hours

Our Australian based support team are just a phone call away on 1300 265 151 or email [email protected]

App Support - 24/7

Our support team are available 24/7 for app users and based on the level of priority required.

Management Portal Training

Dedicated training program that is delivered via video conference or in person where reasonable. Customised training programs and refresher tutorials can also be provided upon request.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated account managers are assigned to enterprise clients as a single point of contact.

Business Integrations and Development

Integrations that streamline the requirements of Enterprise size organisations and access to the development roadmap

Online Help Files

Online help topics and tutorials inbuilt to the software, targeted help for when you’re working in the management portal.

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