Why Schools Need A Lone Worker Safety Solution

Why Schools Need A Lone Worker Safety Solution Table of Contents First things first, being a lone worker doesn’t mean that you work alone all the time. It simply means there are times when you are working by yourself without direct supervision. This also means that many jobs require lone workers at certain times. If […]

Working From Home – Employer Obligations?

Working From Home! Employer Obligations? Table of Contents Just because the office is closed and people are working remotely, doesn’t mean that staff wellbeing and safety is put on hold. In fact, it is more important than ever. The truth of the matter is responsibilities for employers have changed, as echoed in a recent publication by […]

Why Healthcare Worker Safety Is So Important

Why Healthcare Worker Safety Is So Important, healthcare worker safety, health worker safety, health and safety for healthcare workers, health and safety for care workers

Why Healthcare Worker Safety Is So Important Table of Contents Healthcare worker’s safety has never been a more important issue. To keep people in their homes for longer we are constantly employing new methods. As we do the number of in-home carers also grows. Health Care Worker safety needs to be addressed and a professional […]

Risk Assessment

90 Second Lone and Remote Worker Risk Assessment, lone worker risk assessment, remote worker risk assessment, risk assessment, rapid risk assessment

Risk Assessment Table of Contents WSG Rapid Risk Assessment Why don’t more companies perform lone worker risk assessments? Risk assessments are never easy. You have to take into account factors including the type of work, the location, and who will perform it. Even if you identify these, how do you judge the potential risks, what […]

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