Why Schools Need A Lone Worker Safety Solution

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First things first, being a lone worker doesn’t mean that you work alone all the time. It simply means there are times when you are working by yourself without direct supervision. This also means that many jobs require lone workers at certain times. If you’d like more information on what makes a lone worker read our previous blog What Is a Lone or Remote Worker?

There are few professions that don’t require some level of unsupervised or lone work, included education providers and their support staff. Read on to find out the benefits of a lone worker safety solution for schools.

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The Benefits of a Lone Worker Safety Solution for Teachers

While students arrive at school at around 8:30 and are gone again by 3:30, the school’s staff are not quite so lucky. Teachers are often in their classrooms well before and after hours preparing work, marking, or even holding meetings with parents.

You might ask yourself: meeting with parents surely means the teachers are not alone? Unfortunately, as Western Australia’s Guidance Note on Working Alone points out, it is often contact with other people that creates the biggest risk.

The benefits of a lone worker safety solution lay in the fact that the teacher can alert someone at the press of a button if they feel threatened in any way. Even crossing large areas between the school buildings and their transport can make staff uneasy. Especially if it’s badly lit or in a dangerous area.

Teaching is an essential job, we need intelligent and skilled people to help shape the minds of the future. But we also need to make sure that they are safe and secure while doing so.

The Benefits of a Lone Worker Safety Solution for Other Staff

Teachers aren’t the only one’s at the school who can benefit from a lone worker safety solution. Many of the school’s employees are required to perform their duties outside of normal hours. Cleaning staff, grounds keepers and other support staff are also vulnerable.

By providing these employees with the benefits of a lone worker safety solution they gain invaluable peace of mind. Not to mention, it also helps to build a positive safety culture within the school. One of the benefits of this is that staff usually stay longer and are vastly more productive.

The Benefits of a Lone Worker Safety Solution for Students

Last but certainly not least, the students. The benefits of a lone worker safety solution for students is very much a secondary effect. If their teachers are provided with this tool they can quickly alert someone including their GPS position from the phone if a student were injured, suffered a medical emergency, or was in danger. This is very handy whilst on an excursion within unfamiliar territory.

While most people have a mobile phone, many people panic is emergency situations. Because lone worker safety solutions, like the WSG app, are monitored by highly trained professionals they can calmly take whatever steps are necessary for the situation. Often these are discussed and agreed on beforehand with senior managers. This is what we like to call an actionable emergency plan, rather than a theoretical one.

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