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Be Smart and WorkSafe this Festive Season

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Be Smart and Worksafe this Festive Season

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The holiday season is approaching and many of your employees will ask for some well-deserved time off.  This means there will be less staff around.  So, how can you ensure those remaining staff will be smart and worksafe this festive season?

Increased hours, less staff available and isolated working conditions.  All mean your employees may be exposed to more high-risk situations.  And knowing how to handle these circumstances and the tools available is the first step.  The safety and well-being of employees is crucial.

WSG are here to help!  We’ve prepared a “Safety Checklist” to help manage this time in the safest way possible.

Call us today on 1300 265 151 for your copy of the checklist!

Aggression and Violence in the Workplace

We know that violence and aggressive incidents in the workplace are not new.  But Coronavirus has sparked a dramatic rise in the rate of abuse and aggression towards employees.

Work-related violence is any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work.

While this is apparent in many industries, the retail sector has been especially affected.  And the stress of today’s world is being projected onto our employees.  Workers who are just trying to do their jobs and enforce difficult mandates to customers.  The types of abusive and sometimes violent acts are quite horrifying.  We are now seeing the physical and psychological effects this is having.  It must not be tolerated.  SafeWork SA has discussed this in more detail.

It’s time to take action!  WorkSafe Victoria provided a great example of this in a campaign launched earlier this year.  It encourages all Australian’s to work together with one aim.  And that is, abolishing violence and aggression in the workplace.

The campaign illustrated in no uncertain terms the real-life risks our employees are facing.  It’s simply not good enough.

Employers fall short on managing OH&S Risks

The rates of domestic violence, aggression and abuse are on the rise.  Industrial Manslaughter laws have now been applied in most Australian states.  

Organisations and people are now liable if their actions cause the death of an employee.

Employers should be very clear about their responsibilities.  Yet there is evidence that this is lacking in many senior leaders and executives.  Many are not even proactively engaged in risk management.

SAI Global recently conducted a survey of 328 Australian Executives.  The report highlighted three risks posing significant threats to businesses.  Employee Health & Safety was one of these risks.  45% of organisations have not made adequate changes to prepare for the new laws.  30% have not made any changes to be compliant!  Businesses must take the right steps to protect their employees and maintain WH&S Compliance.

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