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Privacy Awareness Week 2023

WorkSafe Guardian Lone Worker Safety App is Privacy Aware this Privacy Awareness Week 2023, lone worker app privacy

As we enter Privacy Awareness Week 2023, securing our digital lives takes center stage. Navigating the complex realm of data protection grows more vital. Join us to uncover insights and strategies, ensuring a safer online experience for all.

Privacy Awareness

Lone Worker Safety App Privacy Awareness, privacy awareness, secure lone worker app

Privacy Awareness Table of Contents What is Privacy? Privacy is a fundamental human right that serves as the foundation on which many other rights are built. Privacy is hard to define, but at its most basic, privacy allows us to protect ourselves from an unjust use of power.  Privacy generally refers to the right:  to […]

Feel safe and confident using a Lone Worker system

Feel Safe and Confident Using a Lone Worker Safety System, Lone Worker Safety System

Feel Safe and Confident Using a Lone Worker System Table of Contents We understand that Lone Workers want to feel safe and confident using a Lone Worker system. With our WorkSafe Guardian App, employees won’t ever have to worry that their service won’t function properly when the time comes to use it! Getting help is […]

Risk Assessment

90 Second Lone and Remote Worker Risk Assessment, lone worker risk assessment, remote worker risk assessment, risk assessment, rapid risk assessment

Risk Assessment Table of Contents WSG Rapid Risk Assessment Why don’t more companies perform lone worker risk assessments? Risk assessments are never easy. You have to take into account factors including the type of work, the location, and who will perform it. Even if you identify these, how do you judge the potential risks, what […]

Why Schools Need A Lone Worker Safety Solution

Why Schools Need A Lone Worker Safety Solution Table of Contents First things first, being a lone worker doesn’t mean that you work alone all the time. It simply means there are times when you are working by yourself without direct supervision. This also means that many jobs require lone workers at certain times. If […]

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