Working Safely in People’s Homes

Guide to Working in People's Homes Safely, working in people's homes safely

Step into the realm of working in people’s homes armed with insights to tackle potential risks. Our article unveils essential safety procedures, coupled with innovative technology solutions, fostering a secure and efficient working environment within the confines of others’ spaces.

How to Check In on Lone Workers

Check in on Lone Workers, remote working and mental health, working from home mental health

Ensuring lone worker well-being poses unique challenges. Detecting behavioral changes and moods requires regular catch-ups and conversations. Recognise signs, ask ‘R U OK,’ and provide support. Remember, genuine care can truly impact their well-being.

Protecting Your Data

Lone Worker Safety App that Prioritises Data Privacy, protecting your data, data privacy

Amidst escalating data breaches, learn how we secure your information. Through encryption, testing, and two-factor authentication, we guard against threats. Adopt multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, cautious communication, and refined social media settings for enhanced protection.

Choosing a Company that is an ASIAL Member

The Importance of Choosing a Lone Worker Safety App that is an ASIAL Member, secure lone worker app

Discover ASIAL, the prominent Australian Security Industry Association. Being an ASIAL member ensures adherence to high standards and ongoing professional development, offering top-notch security services. Find out more about the WorkSafe Guardian difference, a licensed ASIAL member.

Working From Home

Working From Home, safety tips for working from home

Employers are responsible for both the safety and wellbeing of their employees, no matter where they are located. This includes employees working from home. With a range of safety features including welfare check-ins, help is only a touch shake or shout away.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment, reduce and eliminate the risk of sexual harassment, what is sexual harassment in the workplace

Delve into the critical topic of workplace sexual harassment. Explore its definition, the industries facing higher occurrence, and the pivotal role employers play in creating safe environments. Discover insights that empower change and foster respectful workplaces.

Life in London Lockdown

Life in London Lockdown - An Employee's Story

WSG Team member Kayla reflects on life in London during the height of the Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Be Smart and WorkSafe this Festive Season

Be Smart and Safe this Festive Season

Be Smart and WorkSafe this Festive Season Table of Contents Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered! The holiday season is approaching and many of your employees will ask for some well-deserved time off.  This means there will be less staff around.  So, how can you ensure those remaining staff will be smart and worksafe […]

Employee Wellbeing & Covid Lockdowns

Side Effects of COVID Lockdowns & Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing & Covid Lockdowns Table of Contents In our abruptly changing world, we are now coming to grips with what is going to be our “new normal”. The effects of Employee Wellbeing and Covid Lockdowns we are only starting to see now. One thing is certain, the impacts of unpredictable and extended lockdown periods […]

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